Friday, January 13, 2012

The old home town looks the same


Every time as we drive down the hill into town, we look around, and it is timeless, always looking the same.

Except for the odd time when something new catches our eye.-


A new building, and this time it blocks the view of our old house. (It is situated behind those trees in the centre back – the darker leafed ones.)  We can no longer see the house from the road.   Awww !!

But not to fear


Turn the corner, drive up the street and there it is, equally as timeless as the town.  Just as it was when I lived in it as a child.  Same letterbox, same play areas, our bedroom in the front room, the front door.  A trip back in time, as I check out the trees and shrubs Dad had planted, wondering if the daffodils flowered this spring, if there was any fruit on the fruit trees, is the asparagus still growing right down the back.  Even the front steps hold lots of memories – we often sat out there in the cool of the afternoon, and talked about the day.

Then off out of town, we drove.  And what a sunset. 


Meanwhile back at home, in my lovely new area, my car has parked herself back in among the sewing machines and fabrics.


  Now she needs to wipe her feet before driving in on the lovely new floor, and no oil to be dropped,  But she fits with enough space around her to be able to leave her in while I am working in the room.


And once again the “non twins” Kai and Charlie.  Love you boys so much. 


Susan said...

Guess you wont be buying a larger car anytime soon!!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Nice to go for a walk down memory cute are the boys....I hope your girl behaves...

Allie said...

That looks like a tiny house - my grandparents had one similar to it, VERY tiny though, and I'm sad to say it's long gone. How I miss it. Darling pic of the "non" twins, lol!