Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Doctor bag is finished....

apart from adding the button to cover the velcro.  I still need to buy one, or buy the "bits" to cover one.

The class was so good, the pattern works  really well, and I am loving the colours.  It was lovely to catch up with Joy again. 

Now it is back to working on another UFO.  Pics to come when I have achieved a little more.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

My machine can now sleep peacefully.

I like the look of the machine "sashiko"  stitching we did at Sewing Club this month.  I have used mine to make 'jamies' for my new Janome sewing machine, so she wont get dusty when she sleeps at night.  I made so many mistakes doing the cutting out for this project, but each one of the wrong sized fabrics has been used - averting a disaster of not having enough trim/lining fabric.  It just took a bit of redesigning to manage it.
I copied the shape of the central sashiko pattern and quilted it on the back of the cover also, though it doesnt show too well in the photo.

I have also been cutting out and labelling all the pieces  for  Joy's Doctor Bag class at Sew This and That tomorrow. 
Hmmm.  Hope they will work well together.  The main thing is that I like them heaps. 

Friday saw a change of pace.  I could go to school as a Grandparent, for Grandparents Day.  We had a lovely time helping our prep grandchildren with a craft activity - they made and decorated a bookmark which they then gave to us. They entertained us with jokes, singing and poems while we ate lunch, and afterwards we were invited to join them for Chapel.

Such concentration.
I dont know who was the most excited on the day, the children or the grandparents. (secretly I think it was the grandparents).

Thursday, September 8, 2011

WHAT - More Fabric ???

Well who can resist when having a 30% off voucher, buying just a bit more?

I have decided to use this to make the Joypatch Doctors bag soon - a class at Sew This and That.  It just seems a little unfair - there is so much beautiful fabric in that store that the decision of what to use is very hard.  I think I could make dozens of doctor bags just from my "favourites".

My (cheat) sashiko panel for my sewing machine cover is progressing slowly.
The small detail still needs to be stitched, and then I need to put in the sides of the cover and bind it. The blue stitching lines will then wash out .This is the project for this month's sewing club.

We have made another trip to the Antique Centre, where my daughter bought some more pieces of furniture.  I made just a small purchase.  While looking through the stack of embroidered d'oyleys, I found this little crocheted one.  It is 6 inches square.  It had to come home with me.

Not much sewing is being done here at the moment.  There is an even better way to spend my time.
Spending time with Grandchildren is always precious, and even more so when they dont live locally.
I am so enjoying having Harry stay locally for a few weeks.  Here he is taking in the city views from the mosiac arm chair lookout at Paddington, just up from the Antique Centre.