Monday, January 9, 2012

Another reveal

I have to record this lot of pics to memory because this table is NEVER this tidy.


This is my big cutting table, assembly table, pinning quilts table, (and usually store all those things I havent put away yet table).  It is good.  Right height for cutting, big, – 1.2 metres by 2.4 plenty of room for mess working on. I love it, but it is big, so in the garage is the only place I could use it.  It is also extremely heavy so doesnt get moved too often.  It is staying right where it is for a long time now, and everything else has to fit around it.

Hubby built a wide shelf underneath it (resting on the metal supports that were part of the frame)


This is what I store on one side of it.  Thats all my threads, lace, oh all the sewing bits and pieces needed, and this is close to where my sewing machines are,  so everything is within easy reach.  ( those crates on the floor – mending, and “to do” sewing that isnt so interesting.)


And on the other side, my roll of wool batting hanging on a dowel from the corner supports and covered by that piece of curtain fabric to keep it clean, bins for dressmaking fabrics, and all other fabrics that are not patchwork ones.  Oh, and the crates underneath – 2 hold things waiting to be ironed and one is empty in case the ironing builds up even more than the first 2 crates can hold.

The top photo shows how the ironing board can slot under the table also, so very easy to pull out to use it.  (if it is so easy why is there so much waiting to be ironed? I dont know).


The shelves above the table hold my rulers (bottom shelf) and above is my safety pins in the olive jar, buttons, small pieces of ribbon and other bits and pieces in the candy jars.  Everything is in easy reach.


Fiona said...

an awesome play space there marilyn... and well stocked with toys.... I think I would have a lovely play date...

Allie said...

What an awesome table - and you really are organized girl. Even in the frenzy of creation I'm sure it's organized! Wow!

Teresa said...

Wow you are so organised. Love that table! love your roll of wadding set up! love all your boxes and storage. It was a very good idea to take a "before" photo... Now go mess up that space girl!!! xxx Enjoy xxx

Susan said...

Its looking great - I am sure you will produce heaps in there - hope you have some form of cooling though - otherwise you mightnt be im there much at the moment.