Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July–What a month !

It has been such a crazy month, that I feel I have lost touch with Blogland.  However, it is a new month tomorrow, so time to have a change of pace and start over.
Taking into account Vicki’s eventful arrival into the world, my younger daughter having a broken wrist, her hubby working away, 2 young boys to look after and moving house, which  needed lots of Mum assistance, and throw in End of Financial year, there was very little sewing time. 
2012 FMQ Challenge Badge copy[1]
The weekend gave me some opportunity to work on my FMQ Challenge.  I really enjoyed this month’s tutorial by Angela Walters.  Her tutorial showed us how to quilt tiles.  This design will be very useful for wide borders, or larger areas that need to be filled in with quilting.  I took the opportunity to do different patterns and fills in each of my tiles, just practising, practising. 
Thank you so much Angela for this very helpful tutorial.  I can see myself using this idea in my quilts.  Although in this practice piece my tiles are all straight they dont have to be.  Angles would add another interest.
I was then on a roll with my FMQ, so out came this month’s UFO for the Sew Its Finished Challenge.  In a class on using the Marti Michell mitring ruler, I added the borders to a cot panel I found in my stash.  I sandwiched it, then put it on a shelf where it sat for over a year. .

I quilted the middle section then used one of the design ideas from an earlier FMQ challenge tutorial to quilt the heart vines in the border
  I was so pleased with how that last bit was looking till I saw
in my rush I got the edge of the wadding and backing doubled back and quilted through it. More reverse sewing – and that is not easy with free motion quilting.  Now it is fixed and finished, ready to be put into use. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

This little girl has a tale to tell

Meet my new little Grandie.

Vicki Leigh decided she needed to enter the world rather quickly.  So quickly that there was no time to think of hospital, or ambulance or any other help for the birth. But not to worry, Dad and 2 year old Harry did a mighty fine job as the “Midwives”, ably assisted by someone on the other end of the telephone.

Vicki 3

When the ambulance  and doctor finally arrived at the property where they live, some 40 minutes from the town, the journeys commenced.  Firstly by ambulance to the local small town hospital for a blood transfusion,followed by ambulance trip to a “bigger” town with airport for a flight to the major centre (Dubbo).   Here the bleeding was brought under control and surgery performed.  But, there were no available beds in the hospital, hence it was back in an ambulance back to the airport and another flight to the next major town and another ambulance ride to the hospital, where a bed was available. 

There are not many babies who can say they have travelled half way round their state by the time they are 12 hours old.  But Vicki took it all in her stride.


Dad and Harry followed behind the ambulances/planes the slow way -  in the car. 


I was able to travel to the last hospital where they settled in, and spent the weekend with them.  Mum was still not able to stand for long, so I had the privilege of bathing Vicki, as well as having lots of cuddles with Vicki, Harry and their cousin, Sammy.  Sammy’s Dad, our son “Dunx” also enjoys meeting his new nieces and nephews.  He gives them all, boys and girls, a Tonka Truck.  Says he will soon have shares in the Tonka company if he has to buy too many more.


Vicki and the rest of the family are  now back at home,after another trip, this time 500 kilometres by car.  And she is still just 5 1/2 days old.  She is doing very well, Mum is not so good yet. 

Peg, I almost got to Dubbo – had checked out the flights - and would have come to visit if it had worked out and I could have found a way there.  But in the end it wasnt Dubbo.  At one stage I was thinking I might have to call on you to buy some clothes for Vicki to leave hospital in, as I had almost all of her clothes here, where they were meant to be for the birth. Fortunately when she ended up in Orange, I flew to Sydney and my son drove me to Orange so I was able to travel there and take the clothes with me.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Not really being slack


although it seems like it when I see the list of what I need to do and what little I have achieved.  Maybe next week will be different – or maybe not. 


My only sewing effort for the month so far has been finishing off these string blocks which was the June BOM for Aussie Hero Quilts. 

But time spent with the Grandies has been such fun and is always so precious. 

Kai enjoys watching Masterchef, and  he decided he would take on the challenge of making dessert for us.  He chose his ingredients at the shop – ice cream, strawberries, sprinkles, chocolate buttons and marshmallows.  He then made the desserts “in a glass” as he had seen on Masterchef the night before.



“Delicious !!!”