Wednesday, November 24, 2010

No Internet

"sigh"  I have no internet at the moment.  Hubby moved his computer out of the house to his newly constructed office and I have to wait till he can get the wireless link up and working, before I will again have internet at my computer..  So I have to wait till he is out of his office to sneak in and snatch a couple of stolen moments at his computer.

Yesterday I went to the Creative embroidery group at Bribie Island - not to do embroidery this time.  We made one of those ironing board/cutting mat folders to take to classes.  I have taken some pics of it. But even to post pics from his computer is proving hard so that will wait too.

At least it gives me more sewing time, but I do enjoy spending time on the internet and am missing it.

Good news today,  I received my parcel from Equilter.  I have bought some little cowboy fabrics to make Harry his quilt.  It is for when he goes into a bed so I have time  to make it, as he doesn't even have a bed yet..  I like to support local shops first, but I couldnt find fabrics for it locally.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Sleepover Bag

Today I went to the second (and final) class to make the  Sleepover Bag, from a pattern by Melly and Me.  I have made it to give to one of my sisters for Christmas - hope she will like it. 

I wasn't too sure if the fabrics would work together, but now it is done I think it is ok.  I started with the yellow fabric - there is some blue and green in it which doesn't show in the photos.  The bag went together rather well, though a bit bulky to fit under the sewing machine towards the end.

Yesterday I was looking through some magazines and came across a pattern for a shoe bag which I think would go well inside the sleepover bag.  Just have to find which magazine that was.  It would not be hard to make one, but this one was really nice.  Think I will go hunting tonight to see if I can find it again.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cute Cousins


Harry is now old enough to start interacting with his cousins, and on his latest visit he wanted to be "one of the boys".


Kai and Charlie adore him and were keen to spend time with him.  They showed him lots of things, like how to ride the scooter, and what to do with paper aeroplanes.  Then it was inside to watch a children's dvd.  The three of them look very engrossed in it.  Must have been good !!!

I had been keeping up with Daisy Do, the free BOM from Jenny for the first three months, although this third one still needs its buttons added.  But I have fallen behind with the last two months.  Seeing the finished wall hangings shown on Jenny's blog last week has spurred me on, so hopefully I will have a finish soon.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Hydrangeas - I have fond memories of sitting on the verandah of my Grandparent's house where there were two large hydrangea bushes - one on each side of the front stairs. They were mainly blue, but had some odd pinkish blooms as well, which always amazed me as a child.  I have so much always wanted to grow some of my own.  We planted some and nurtured them in a previous house, but they didnt do too well.  But I am so happy to have 3 in bloom right now.  They are the new hybrid colours, so I am not sure what will happen in the future, do they still change colour according to the soil?  I will have to wait and see.

 The pink one has been in the ground for a year, so now in its second year of flowering, and it is still the same colour.

 I guess the white will stay white.  Or will it????

  .                                               Our newest one is so beautiful.

The local nursery had so many to choose from - it was so hard to decide.

We have them planted around our outdoor area at the front of our house, facing where we can see them, rather than being visible from the street, because we want to enjoy them as we sit out there having our weekend cuppa's.

On Monday our Craft Group made another trip to the Scrapbooking Warehouse, this time to make a photo frame.  Tracy is a wonderful teacher, very patient and helpful. 

We painted, cut, measured, glued and constructed our way to finalising this triple photo frame. 

Now my dilemma is - which photos to put in it. 

Or - will I give it away as a Christmas gift?

I tried writing my name on an apps on my Iphone as a way of finishing my posts - think I need to practise more, but it is a start.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Quilt has gone to its new home.

The quilt is completed and has gone to its new home.

I bought a jelly roll  "Swell" by Urban Chicks for Moda - then had the dilemma of how to make it up.  The design is loosely following a quilt I saw, with some additions and alterations, such as gentle scalloping on 3 sides to add interest.  One jelly roll made the top of the quilt, which is the size of a queen bed topper.  I was able to buy some yardage for the border.  All that was left of the jelly roll was used to make the flowers and leaves to be appliqued in the border, and the left over flowers were sewn on a vine on the back.

My machine was a little temperamental while I was quilting it, but with some TLC and a little frustration it is done.  It is so hard to send machines off to be serviced - when is the right time to be without it?  I know - it is for just a short time, 10 days with our technician, but that seems so long to not be able to sew.  I think it is almost time though.  (please just keep going till I have finished the next couple of projects, then I promise I will get you there.)

This quilt was made for my daughter.  She loves the choice of fabrics.

This is the first jelly roll I have used.  Certainly is fast and simple.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Valentino Exhibition and visiting Mooloolah

Wow, wow, wow - the Valentino Exhibition in Brisbane was amazing.  The designs are so unbelievably intricate and detailed, yet so wearable (if you are Model sized that is).To stand at the entrance of each of the halls and look in at the designs is breathtaking.  I just cant think of any other way to describe it.  If you have been fortunate enough to see them you will know what I mean. 

This was an amazing dress, the woven effect was beautiful.  The colours here don't do it justice.

The lining of this coat was too good to be hidden.          So soft and beautiful.

These are not my photos of course, as you are not permitted to take photos of the exhibition. 

Today I travelled with some of my friends to the Open Day of Mooloolah Craft Group.  The group is small but always puts on a brilliant day of showing off their work of the past 2 years, as well as providing morning tea and lunch, and lots of lucky door prizes.  We had a good day, finished off by visiting a couple of Patchwork shops.  It doesn't matter how many stores we visit, the range of fabrics is always different. 
This used to be the Craft Group I belonged to when living in that area.

I took along the quilt I have been working on lately, to show in their Show and Tell. 

Here is a sneak peak of it while I was working on the quilting.  I need to wait for daytime for better light to take a photo of the whole quilt.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy birthday Kai.

Last week I started quilting a quilt that has been hanging around a little too long.  It is progressing well, and I am pleased with how it is turning out.  It is always a puzzzle to know just how to do the quilting so is good when it comes together.  But it had to be shelved for the weekend.  Maybe this afternoon I will get back to it.  Pics will be in next post.

Saturday a group of us met up at Bribie Island for lunch and a fun time of chatting, laughing and enjoying each others company, having a bit of Show and Tell, and checking out new projects and patterns.

Today is our second Grandson's 5th birthday.  Yesterday we went along to Australia Zoo to celebrate his birthday with him.  I hadnt been there for some years, so it is always good to see the progress.  He and his younger brother had a wonderful day.

His Mum made him a dragon cake.  (Rather a happy looking dragon I think).

Are you doing it right Mum???

I can cut it myself now I am 5.

 I think Little brother Charlie is dreaming of when it is his turn to choose the cake and be the centre of attention.