Friday, June 29, 2012

June quilting challenge

I have struggled with the idea of doing the June quilting challenge at SewCalGal.  I guess that is because I dont particularly like heavy quilting, and the stiffness it brings to a quilt.  So after thinking for most of the month, and checking out what other people had done through the links, I finally realised there was something I could attempt. 
I used my quilting design from April, where we used tulle to trace our design.  I had done a flower, and worked my “design and conquer” patterns around the petals of the flower.  The designs are ok, but the work is terrible as the tension went crazy.  I tried using a bobbin washer for the first time, and I think my machine may not like them, as the bobbin seemed to make a slipping noise.  I think I will dispose of the washers and stick with what I know works best.

I can see this would be good for art quilts.  I guess I need to practice it lots more and it would be ok.

I was remiss in saying that the June tutorial was by Cindy Needham. Cindy is a very talented quilter and has shared lots of valuable information with us.  Looking back at my piece, and reading through her tutorial notes,  I have learnt far more than I had thought.  For a practice piece, I am happy with my attempt. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Super Thread Box

It started out as a rather dull, dirty, empty, preloved cutlery canteen,


a few basic materials


some time, some very sticky fingers,


and it was transformed


into a beautiful box to store my embroidery threads.


Saturday, June 16, 2012

I did do FNSI

Even though I didnt have a chance to post about it before Friday night, I did take part in FNSI, organised by Heidi.

I had started making this Zippy Accessory Case at Sewing club at Sew This and That and my FNSI goal was to complete it.

Any thoughts that I might make another of these as a gift went out the window as I worked on it. I didnt mind inserting the 6 zips into the pockets, and even the main large chunky zip went in just fine, but the vinyl pockets and shape of the bag made some parts of it very fiddly.

It is difficult to photograph this to show it well, but there are 6 see through zippered vinyl pockets, and an area beneath them for storing other items.

Some extra bling on the handle set it off nicely. The case will be very handy to take to sewing class as it will hold lots. It has finished at 7 1/2 inches square.

Sammy came to visit today and was keen to help cut the cake for afternoon tea.

I think he enjoyed eating it too.

Love having the Grandies come to visit.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Needle in a Haystack

A couple of weeks ago my friend lost a diamond and sapphire ring in the grass on my son’s 1 1/2 acre property. The chances of finding it – we thought not much higher than nil. Finding a needle in a haystack would be easier.

We searched, we raked the grass with our fingers, we crawled around looking hard. No sign. We thought it most likely to be near the car where we brushed sticky grass seeds from our clothing and shoes.

Twice my hubby and I went up there and searched. Thinking it would be our last chance before the mowers came out we went there yesterday, and repeated the process. I raked it all finely with a children’s rake. we crawled around,we pulled out grass, we scratched around, we peered behind around, under every inch of grass, weeds, garden edgings. No blade of grass was left unturned I am sure.

In a last minute effort before the rain came again I thought maybe it had flicked forward of the car. I walked about 2 metres, turned around and there it was. In plain sight, not buried in long grass as we thought. Just sitting there saying What took you so long to find me.

It was more dainty and more beautiful than this ring.

To say my friend was thrilled is an understatement. She cried, then cried and laughed at the same time, then cried some more. This ring belonged to her mother, so had even more sentimental value than monetary value. To make it more special a find, it would have been her mother’s birthday yesterday.

Moral of the story – Perseverance -  And you CAN find a needle in a haystack.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Another quilt for baby

Cot sized quilt using the remainder of the panel fabric is well under way. It was one of those Duh days, where I kept sewing things upside down or in the wrong order. Lots of work for the unpicker. Still I have almost finished the top, and hope to do the borders today.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Some baby sewing under way

Its time to get onto some serious sewing for my new little Granddaughter, due at end July. I found a panel in the right colours and made up this little cradle sized quilt. When we were expecting our first child my Hubby made a rocking cradle for her. It has been used for our 4 children and now a number of our grandchildren. It has had a few changes of colour in that time, so still looks really good. This quilt is to be used in that cradle.
I have fabrics left over from it to now make another quilt – with some piecing it should be a cot sized quilt.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cute little finishes


A little girl deserves to have pretty coathangers for her pretty dresses.


With reverse applique,scallops, piping and ribbons.


2 cute purses.  The small one is the perfect size for that pile of loyalty cards.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Brisbane Bloggers meet up

I am sure you all know that feeling of meeting old friends and it seeming like you pick up from when you last saw those friends even if it is many years ago.  That was the feeling at our Brisbane Blog meet up on Sunday.  Some of us hadn’t met in person before but noone would have realised that as the chatter, laughter and enjoyment rang out for the full 5 hours we were there. 


Michelle, Helen, Noela, Fiona, Susan and Cheryl


Susan, Cheryl, and Lynda                        Michelle, Teresa and Helen


Mary, me and De. 

That made up the merry band of 11 of us who braved the dull, overcast morning to meet up.  The weather did improve as the day wore on, but I don’t think we took too much notice.


The show and tell was amazing.  On the right is a beautiful quilt Mary has pieced.  Love the soft colours in it.


The candlewick quilt belongs to Mary also – it is a very special one which she has bought.  The hand work on it is beautiful.

  I was holding up my embroidered tablecloth when I got told to show my face, so I am peeping around it. 


We admired Susan’s Some Kind of Wonderful progress.  We laughed as she used her makeshift design wall .  And don’'t you just love those shoes.


Helen’s Earl Grey embroidered blocks are so beautiful.  She has completed a number of them but I  got photos of only 2 of them.  We did all hope to sneak them away but I think Helen was keeping a close eye on them.  Her embroidery is exquisite. 

We were all in awe of Mary’s wonderful gift to us.  She had made these little “suits” out of 2 tea towels, folded and finished off, and it had a verse attached.  They were so beautiful that there is no way we could pull them apart to use them.  I am going to find a place to hang mine in my kitchen I think.  Thank you so much Mary.


Helen received a swap gift , which she is admiring.  Cheryl won this beautiful doll, also made by Mary.  How special is that.

I didnt take as many photos as I should have.  Thank you to those of you whose photos I have “borrowed”.  And thank you Susan for arranging this meet up.  It really was a special day.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Urgent major surgery was required

Or – The Nine Lives of Charlie Bear


He received emergency first aid treatment at the scene of the accident


before being transported to the ER for evaluation.


Hmmm. “ I believe this is a life threatening injury.  Immediate surgery is required, with a 50% chance of survival.”


Straight to the Operating Room (aka Gran’s sewing room), where he  received life saving surgery involving many stitches to repair the damage.


A final check up before being released into the care of his owner.  Prognosis – very hopeful that he has made a full recovery but it wont be known until he has spent a few more weeks with


Charlie, who was thrilled to see his Charlie Bear come back home before bedtime, even though he wore a bandage around his head.  ‘

The patient has been warned – no more getting caught between the springs on the trampoline.

Charlie had his birthday party today, complete with a replica of Charlie Bear as his birthday cake.


My last OPAM finish for May, as well as a finish for Sew Its Finished,  is this doll blanket, which I started about 16 years ago.  The full story of why it has taken so long is on Sew Its Finished.