Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Late Early Bird finishes

Finally here are some more finishes for the Early bird Christmas Crafting
 At the Craft and Quilt Fair last year was a kit for this bird Christmas ornament.  It was so enjoyable to make, so I have made a couple to give away this year.
 I have made this little purse from the pattern of the teepee purses, but have sewn the last seam flat instead of forming the teepee shape.  Again the design is from Designs by Sick, and it is made completely in the hoop on my embroidery machine, apart from that last seam.  This one is filled with "necessities" to carry in a handbag - tissues, bandaids, hand cream,  anti bacterial hand wash, pencil, etc.all together in the purse to make it easy to transfer from one handbag to another as the recipient is rushing out the door. 
 A couple of the very young people on my gift list will enjoy these owls, also completely made on the embroidery machine apart from the opening for stuffing.  They are so colourful and such fun to make.  This is a design from Hatched in Africa.  It has been good to use my embroidery machine to make things other than straight embroideries, and to see how versatile they are.

This month has been filled with Family things, so sewing time was much shorter.  I was really pleased to get these finishes.

Also in the last two weeks I have been moving my sewing room from where it was in the dining room area of our house, to the garage.  I still have a bit of a way to go but it is working out well and should be good when finished.  Theres nothing like moving camp to remind us of just how much we have stashed away in our sewing areas. 

Peta has been enjoying using her cooking set with her playdoh this week - and the apron is being worn every day.  She seems to favour the cherry fabric side.  She is such a cutie.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Party

Peta had a wonderful 3rd birthday with her friends.  She was wearing a Tinkerbell costume, and one of the Mum's there did facepainting.  She did an amazing job.
Peta liked her apron, and the best thing was she could put it on by herself without straps needing to be tied.  She did the velcro waist strap up straight away. She then explored the cooking set and was keen to be able to try it out.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, Peta.

Tomorrow we are going to visit our Son, DIL and children for Peta's 3rd birthday party.  Not too far - just over an hour each way if traffic is not too heavy.  Peta is our only Granddaughter, the other 5 Grandchildren are boys. 
So today I dug out some girlie fabrics  to make her an apron, as we are giving her a little cooking set.  She loves to help Mum.  I used the pattern for the reversible apron from here.  But I substituted the straps from here.  Hopefully having the elasticated over the head strap will mean she can put it on herself, and the velcro on the waist strap will be easier and quicker to attach rather than tying the straps at the back. 

At our Machine Embroidery club this month we made tee pee bags.   They were so quick to make - even the zip was sewn in as part of the process in the hoop.  These will make great little gifts for the Early Bird Christmas Crafting over at Judith's blog
We had a choice of quilted styles for the bottom of the bag, and quilted, embroidered, appliqued or embellished tops (or all 4 together if we wanted to.)  This design is from here.  I am going to make some more of these for Christmas gifts.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


These past few weeks have been so crazy.  I have been helping my daughter pack ready to move from near Caboolture to Moree in NSW.  That is a full on task with a 4 month old to care for as well.  However we managed to meet the deadline, and headed off to Moree on Wednesday.  Thursday  saw us constructing wardrobes from Ikea. 
We still had to add the hanging rails and the doors, however her husband is home for the weekend so hopefully he has been able to help her do that.
We also managed to reconstruct the bed before I had to head back for home.  We were very pleased that everything fitted back together.  (It is evident there is a baby living here.)

Harry was quite used to just "hanging about" while we worked.  Such a good little fellow.

It was sad to leave them , but sure is good to be home again.  It was so relaxing to sit at my sewing machine this afternoon.