UFOs 2013, 2014


1.  Peta's Paris Girl quilt

2.  Gorjuss quilt

3.  Row quilt

4.  Flowers quilt

5.  Giraffe quilt

6.  Scrappy Trip quilt

7.  Butterfly Garden quilt

8.  Lone Star quilt

9.  Paper pieced quilt

10.  Birthday block quilt 


1  Blue Christmas table runner - to be sandwiched and quilted                   Finished 

2 Painted girls - a one off block where a friend taught us to paint on fabric using folk art paints. Not sure what I will make this into.  Need to start by embroidering the outline.  Outline is stitched.    #
3. Piped gadget bag.  A class on making piping and trimming it with the piping hot tool, also curved piecing with the piping.  Just need to finish assembling the bag.                                                     #
4.  Free Block Frenzy blocks - need to make more blocks then assemble and quilt



     5  Mug rug.  Top made, needs to be finished off.        Finished            

     6  Baby floor quilt - pieces cut , assemble and quilt Pieced        Finished

7  Sewing holder - finishing off and binding  Repurposed            Finished                                                      #

8.  seaside blocks - finish blocks, assemble  an Aussie Hero quilt   Finished

9.  Pin cushion                                                                                      Finished

10  Market Day Wallet                                                                          Finished

11.  Small wallhanging - sandwich and quilt.  now sandwiched       Finished
12.  Food cover - add borders to netting  - borders are made.  Probably take 30 mins.  Been sitting for about 5 years.  Grrrr.                                                            

13.  Vicki's cot quilt - top is made, border has been added, needs sandwiching and quilting.now sandwiched and quilted                                                                                 

14,  Batman quilt - top and pieced backing are done, need to sandwich and quilt.  One of the first ones to be finished this year.  (no pic yet sandwiched                                   

15.  Curved paper piecing.  Got to find it and finish found it finished
16.  Bliss Fun with precuts quilt - binding                                                 finished
17.  Needle and sewing case                                                      Finilshed

18.  Embroidered tablecloth - a friendship quilt where people embroidered a block and made a 9 patch.  Needs border, then backed and quilted  Top is pieced.  Now to add the backing.

19.  Christmas trees wall hanging.  A little more embellishing and binding.Finished

20.  Orphan Christmas block made into pin cushion, 3 coasters, 1 mug rug Finished

21.   Sampler quilt  Quilting Finished

22.  Christmas embroidered heart    Finished

23.  Club project - handbag   Finished

24.   Vicki's raggy quilt  Finished

25.  Christmas wreath - finish assembling      Finished                                                                  #

26.  Girl's dress - decorative stitching using a zwiho needle.  I broke the needle so need to work out how to finish the stitching on second strap, attach the strap, buttons and hem.  Finished 

27.  .  another Christmas table runner - to be sandwiched and quilted 

28.  2 Christmas coasters

29.  Lace table centre

30.  Scarecrow cushion

31.  Daisy Street folder cover

32.  hearts and roses wall hanging



 36 - 40.



Susan said...

Only 18 Marilyn - not too bad considering - more important will be how many are finished by the end of 2013 - and how many new ones will there be??
If you can't decide - after the cot quilt - put numbers in a bowl and pull out a number.

I'm off to Google that needle . .

Fiona said...

lots of lovely projects that really must be finished... my tip is start with a quick finish.. gives a boost to tick one off early in the day....

Susan said...

It looks like you have added to the list since my last visit. I hope you will update this list as you go.

Farm Gate Creations said...

Oh my! that's a list and a half good luck with getting it all completed..

Fiona said...

hahha... I think it has grown since I last came here????? were there some hiding in places... hahaha