Monday, May 19, 2014

Preston Bag

At the stitching day at Lets Get Stitched we received some awesome patterns.
One I was keen to make before my trip to Tasmania was Dawn's "Preston Bag".  It has large pockets on the outside, and I knew that would be a handy thing for my plane trip - and it proved to be perfect.

I searched for a time to find the fabrics to use for this one, then found the book fabric, which I have used for the small pockets on each side of the stitched panel. It worked well with the stitched verse  "Home is where the story begins".  From there I could choose colours for the rest of the bag.

 I found this (Lynette Anderson) fabric with houses on would work with my other chosen fabrics, to make the back pockets.
I didnt have any twill tape/ribbon to use for along the handles, but found a length of this ribbon which was the right colour, and works beautifully.
Of course you cant have too many pockets, so I added some inside.  I hoped to have the large one (bottom of  pic below) with a zipper close, but time beat me, so it didnt happen.  But the pockets are  deep so are quite secure. 

I also used a bag weight wadding instead of pellon in the bag, as I wanted it to be more structured - mainly thinking of travelling and wanting it to be able to stand upright.

This is a fantastic bag, and  to buy the pattern go to Dawn's Craftsy Store here. Or contact Dawn if you have any problem with finding it.

Sunday, May 4, 2014


I was along on Friday night (with my chocolate snacks) to join you all for FNwF.

 My poor little machine worked almost non stop on Friday night and yesterday, embroidering more of these cute little Octonauts bags.
I am almost done now.  One more character to stitch out and a few to stitch up into bags.

And because Grans can do anything, I have done the first of 2 Octonauts jumpers which Harry just knew Gran could make for him.

I wonder what his favourite characters will be next year.

Thursday, May 1, 2014


One great thing about having Grandies come for my birthday is that they all help to blow out the candles (well I should have said they blow out ALL the candles)
 BLOW !!!
 Yay!  We did it.

On Thursday next week, I am going to Hobart to visit another lot of Grandies.  While I am there Harry will have his 4th birthday.  He is having an Octonauts party as he and his little mates from Childcare spend a lot of time playing and roleplaying  Octonauts.  I have been making library bags for all the littlies going to his party, as a take home gift.

These are appliqued with my embroidery machine and are stitching out so well.  The designs came from here.  I wasnt sure how they would be as there were no instructions for when to add the layers of fabric for applique, but once I started I could work it out.  The bags will hold stickers, notebook and a few bits and pieces like that.  Oh and an Octonaut figurine, which is what they all like to play with.

Harry, being the birthday boy, requested his 2 favourite characters on his, so this is Kwazii and Dashi.  He has now asked if I could make him 2 jumpers, one with Dashi on and one with Kwazii on.  I think time will beat me so they will have to wait till I get home again.  But it is nice to know they think Grans can do anything !