Saturday, February 26, 2011

My special Gran month.

February has been an unusual month.  For me it has been a month for Gran time.  We have had Grandchildren sleep overs, Grandchildren "taxi service to school" while the family car was in for repair, and then a trip to visit and offer help for smallest Grandson when he was quite ill.  These were good times, away from the sewing machine and other things around the home that usually fill in my days, instead they were filled with hugs, play, and spending time with the younger members of our Family.

When Zac came for a sleepover he discovered the lego stash, and had lots of fun -
just like his Dad did when he was a young boy.  (Dad is on the right.)

Earlier this week we had a rather serious storm. After it my computer wouldnt work. Even though it had been turned off during the worst of the storm it  was damaged. The next day we discovered that there had been a lightning strike so close to our electricity supply on our front lawn.

See that dark patch in the dirt?
These are parts of the shattered rock that came from it.
We were very fortunate not to have lost power or any other equipment. 
It was a couple of days without a computer, then back in business with a new one.

So now all that is over I am back in my sewing room catching up on a few things.  Our first  project at our sewing club at Sew This and That (local patchwork store) was a beach backpack. 

There were no Grandchildren around to model it so Big Ted came to the rescue.

I have just started a class at the same store, using precuts.  I am using

a layer cake and charm packs in Bliss,

plus some yardage from the same range.  My "homework" is to make up some blocks before the next class in two weeks time.

But in the meantime I have to finish my New Beginnings sewing kits.  I am so far behind because of  all that has been going on in our family in the last few weeks,  however I will be able to deliver them in person to the girls from Among the Gum Trees at the picnic next weekend. 

So I think it is time to get back to the sewing machine.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cooling off

What better way to spend a hot summer's day than cooling off with your cousins in the wading pool.

Two weeks ago I headed off to Harry's home to help out as he was quite ill with high temperatures.  It is good that he is now fully recovered and back to enjoying life as a happy nine month old does best.

Of course Family comes first and sewing has definitely not been happening, but that is okay.  Plenty of time to catch up later.

These two of my Grandsons are brothers and good mates.  There is 19 month difference in their ages but they are always being mistaken as twins. They look much cooler than when they arrived top visit Harry.