Monday, January 31, 2011

Useful Leftovers.

After using my seminole strips to make the bag I had a few "bits" left over.   Now I could have added even more pockets - but maybe that would have been overkill in the pocket department.  So on to some more projects.

The first one is a folder cover using the pattern by Fee (Christmas folder cover).   Thank you Fee - I love making them and the way I am going all my folders will be covered before long.  I used some triangles I had trimmed while making one of the strips, and some other leftover pieces of fabric as well.

Front cover

back cover

This folder will come along to classes with me to hold all the pattern pages and any other notes I may need.

The next piece was used for the outside of a needle case. 
And then there is a pincushion to complete the set.

I have now exhausted all of the seminole pieces, and just have a couple of small pieces of the print fabric remaining.  I may use some of it to cover a small notebook but I need to purchase the book before I can work on it.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Free Block Frenzy project finished

For the past years our local store Sew This and That, have run a club called Free Block Frenzy.  Each  Frenzy day we received the fabric to make a block and a demonstration of making it.  If we completed and took back that block the next time we received the following one at no cost, otherwise it was a $5 charge to receive the next.  At the end of the year we made up the quilt (well we are supposed to but they do have a habit of ending up as UFOs.)

Last year our theme was seminole strips made using Australian print fabrics.
Take what looks rather a mishmash of coloured blocks.
This time I decided to make mine into a bag rather than have a quilt.
Start with this pattern of a tote by Leanne Valiukas from Patchwork and Stitching Vol 8 No 11.

Some measuring and calculations.  (Wow this one is rather neat). The measurements for each panel are as per the magazine pattern, but a lot of calculation was necessary to be able to fit the strips to the right size.

Check through my stash for some fabrics for lining and binding.

With measuring, sewing, trimming, adding, and altering, a set of panels finally emerged.

Add some pockets.

And some more pockets.

A bit tricky getting around those corners.  There are so many layers of fabric in the corners that I did wonder if my Hussy would make it but she purred along wonderfully. ( That R and R at the Technicians workshop must have helped her.)

It's done.  This is a good sized bag - I decided to make it to take to classes and I think it will fit heaps in it.

A couple of the inside pockets

This is one project that is no longer a UFO and that is good.

This year there is not going to be a Free Block Frenzy.  It is time for a change.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

YAY !!! Patchwork store back in business.

After a bit of time MIA I am back home and getting some things done.  While the flooding was going on in this area and around the rest of southern/central Queensland I was spending some lovely time with family and enjoying extra time with little Harry.  But at the same time it was very hard being stranded there while so many needed help with the flood cleanup. 

While away I was keeping up to date via Facebook, with the happenings of our local (and much loved) Patchwork store in Caboolture - Sew This and That.  The store was awash with around 18 inches of water through it.  It has been a lot of hard work for the owners and staff to get it back to trading condition.  However many customers and local business people have pitched in to help wherever possible.  A huge amount of fabric needed to be washed, ironed and re-rolled onto bolts.  New carpet, new fixtures - oh just so much.

(Photo comes from the Sew This and That photos of the floods - wouldnt this be hard to witness.)

Yesterday I got to do my part in helping in a small way to get the store ready for its reopening on Thursday.  My friend, her husband and I stocked one of the embroidery thread stands - not as easy as it sounds, as the numbers didnt run chronologically on the stand, rather they were arranged in colour.  We also returned four or so shopping trolleys of fabrics back onto the shelves.

We love our store, the owners and staff, and spend lots of fun times there doing Club, classes and of course stash building and other shopping. They always go the extra mile for their customers. I wish them well as they go through this recovery time and hope they receive a heap of customer support so they can get back on their feet again.

So yes, the store reopens on Thursday.  Cant wait!!!!   And if any of you are up Caboolture way do drop in and check it out.  The store is fantastic, the range of fabrics amazing, the staff is the best - as you can see, I LOVE my "local".

I finally finished off some curtains this week.  I cut and pinned them weeks ago, and then got on with Christmas sewing, so they were shelved for a bit.  The hard work had been done so they took very little time to sew.  They are in one of the bedrooms where our younger Grandsons sleep while visiting.

That is one set down and another 3 sets to go.  But none of the other ones have been cut yet.  The transformer quilt is progressing well, with half of the quilting done.  Maybe tomorrow I will work on some more.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Our oldest Grandson Zac is a great collector of Transformers.  He brings them out to show me and tells me their names.   I forget them as soon as he tells me but he is happy to tell me again the next time. 
He brought along some of them when he came to visit after Christmas.  These are his superdooper favourites.
The photo looks washed out in the background because it was during all the rain.  The light patch in the lawn is our instant back yard lake. 
For his birthday I am making him a Transformers quilt from panels I bought.  The top is done except for the borders.  I am still thinking of what I would like to do for the borders.  Then it will be quilted and finished before it becomes another UFO.

But it has to be put aside for a few days.  I am heading off to visit Daughter and Harry for a few days, and my sewing machine is going for a little holiday at the technicians home for a bit of R and R.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Another finish and a new project

Yesterday I finished off making 2 Christmas folders, too late for Christmas but now ready for next Christmas.   This is the  pattern designed by Fee, and made available by her at the Among the Gum Trees last year.

The stitcheries were completed weeks ago, and it took only a short time to make the folder covers.  I have put inside them the baking shopping list which was provided, and throughout the year I will put in some favourite recipes as well. 

Today is the start of "back to normal" after the holiday time, with the arrival of 2 Grandsons to be minded for a few hours.  As well it is the start of a new project This is a quilt for my oldest Grandson who is an avid collector and player of Transformers.  I bought some transformer panels and am working out measurements and colours to make him a quilt.
Shame - a trip to the patchwork shop is iminent - to buy some backing fabric and....... there is sure to be something else which will catch my eye while there.

Monday, January 3, 2011

My first finish for the year.

My sewing room is having a tidyup and reorganise.  While doing it I am finding the projects that got shelved because of the Christmas busyness.  I decided the way to go was a bit of tidying, followed by some sewing each day.

So in yesterday's sewing time I finished off my Daisy Do Wallhanging which was designed and made available by Jenny of Elefantz last year.  This was so lovely to work on in the evenings while sitting down relaxing.

This year Jenny is offering another BOM project called "Give Thanks".  You can go visit Jenny's blog now to read about it and download the January BOM.  It looks beautiful.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Our New Year's Eve

Last night we went along with other family members to the Bribie Island Celebration and fireworks.  Kai (5 yr old) was keen to see the fireworks, but Charlie (3 yr old) had been scared by the noise at his last firework experience and was not so keen.  But he consented to sit on Gran's lap.  We watched the first session at 8 pm, from a way back along the beach.  Charlie coped beautifully.  But both wanted to see more. 

The only thing to do was wait till the 12 am session. They waited, dozed, played, and finally it was time. Again we waited on the beach a little further from the "bangs". And again both were fine. As we walked back to the cars Charlie asked could he see the fireworks again next year, and "can I sit on your lap again please Gran." Seems like I have a date for next New Year.

But of course I couldnt take any pics of the fireworks to show.

Welcome to 2011