Thursday, April 28, 2011

The years keep getting better.

Most definitely true.  I did enjoy another birthday yesterday.  I started the day with some friends, having coffee and pancakes with icecream.  After that it was a work day but I always look forward to the phone calls and messages from my family.  It is a big '0 birthday next year - something to celebrate.

I have some finishes.

With the Easterbreak came some time to spend in my sewing room.  And that means some finishes for the month.

I completed Sew This and That's club project for April.  This was a project using the Sewing Revolution 6/8 ruler, and comes from the instruction book put out by them.  It involved lots of measuring and accurate cutting - as it is using positive negative, so the stars had to be cut out neatly and the piece that the star was cut from became the negative square.  We used applique wonder (fusible webbing) and tearaway stabiliser in the construction of the blocks.  Once the preparation was completed the runner came together very quickly and easily.

My second finish is the transformer quilt I am making for my oldest grandson Zac.  He is coming to visit next weekend so I needed to have it finished for him.  I am pleased with how it has turned out.

It is rather difficult to take a photo of the quilt in this bedroom.  And it is raining so cant go outside to take one.
I was unsure of what to use to border the blocks, then found this fabric.  It works very well.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Starting a catch up

So, the super long weekend is here, and hopefully this is a time to relax and spend time in my sewing room.  It is having the next segment of its makeover so just at the moment it is in turmoil. 
However I will find space in there to put my Hussy back and have her purring along on some projects. 

I have been very remiss in not saying thank you to Shelley from Wickedly Divine Creations after she sent me this giveaway.
Just check out the original pattern from Shelley.  She does such a brilliant job with her designs and her embellishments on her work is amazing. 
I also received from my daughter a collection of vintage cotton reels complete with thread, to add to my small but growing collection.  Just got to love that big one, still with its wrapper on.

And the baby one is so cute.

I will be back soon to post about the Quilt Trail, but for now, these cousins had a great catch up yesterday.  The little blondie lives a distance from us but is staying locally for the next 10 days. 
They did enjoy spending the day together.

Friday, April 8, 2011


Aaargh.  Life has been busy.....


Tomorrow I am going on the first bus trip of the Quilters Trail.  We are going to Cooroy Drapery,  Patchwork Angel, Forest Glen,  Heavenly Patchwork, Clontarf, and Quilt Essentials Eatons Hill.


Good company...

Yummy stores.....

Treasures to hunt out......


Here I am at Sewing Club yesterday, very engrossed on making my stars.  A bit of finishing off on that project yet.  (Photo from Sew This and That. - thanks to Danielle and her new camera.)