Saturday, July 20, 2013

FNSI for July

Thank you for your comments. I apologise for not replying to most of them while I am away. I just have my phone for Internet and so need to be careful about usage. But as always I do appreciate them very much.

I was able to join in FNSI for a short time last night.
I am working on another UFO, and last night I stitched on beads, stars, etc. I may get more done while Vicki is sleeping this afternoon or during homework time tonight.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Life in Bingara

We are in quite a crazy routine here in Bingara. Kerryn and Sean head off to their class at about 7 am. Harry, Vicki and I spend the day hanging about, playing, watching Peppa Pig (I will soon be able to recite the words), shopping and going for a walk. They are more than ready to see Mum and Dad when they arrive back at the cottage at around 6.30 pm.

Harry worked out his own way of crossing the ramp (grid) when we are on our walk. It works!

The sunsets have been beautiful - except for today when it was raining.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sunday, July 14, 2013

I am just a bit excited......

Because on Tuesday I head off on a 6 - 7 hour drive to meet up with Harry and Vicki to spend a few days with them while their Mum and Dad go to "school" to learn more about the methods of farming they wish to pursue.  After that I will be heading to their farm for a few days to see the progress on the renovating, be there for the mustering, hang out in the playroom with Harry and Vicki, and spend some time with Kerryn.

In the meantime....
Today  - oops  it is now after midnight, so yesterday was Vicki's 1st birthday
Just one short year to go from this....
to this.  
 Happy Birthday gorgeous girl.

Today I finished making the little raggy quilt for the doll cradle that I was given for her.  It is made with the leftover pieces of Vicki's raggy quilt.

That is another addition to their playroom and it wont be too long before she will be tucking her doll into bed.

 Here she is ready for a day's work on the farm,
and now checking out the contents of the shopping bag.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

More catching up ..... our retreat

Last week a group of 9 of us went for a retreat to Glenrose, Warwick.  It is a 3 hour drive from where I live.Here we are just before leaving to head home - Maree, Teresa, me, De, Sandi, Helen, Lynda, Cheryl and Alison in front.

 The shop (above) has the most amazing range of fabrics and samples. We did tend to visit it quite a bit.
 3 of the cottages were through this gate, and a 4th one was further to the right.

The inside of our cottage was beautifully decorated with quilts, teddy bears, and other items.   

The grounds were amazing - I didnt take enough photos!
Chookyblue was driving past on her way home from Brisbane, and decided to call and make sure we were all working - I think we were.  It was so great that she popped in.  Here she is with Sandi and Helen. 

 My main projects were to make Vicki's raggy edge flannel quilt, Most of these fabrics are from a range called Snowmen make me Smile.  This is one of my K.A.R.T.S. (Kitted and ready to start - for Sew its Finished).  I bought the fabrics while on last year's quilters trail.
I also started working on Harry's Cowpoke quilt, which is turning out so well.
 Helen gave each of us a kit to make a scissor/key fob.  These are just 2inches square with small embroideries on them.  So cute.

 This is the work space of De and I.  I think we are quite compatible as far as keeping a tidy work area dont you?  De was on this side of the table and I was behind her.  Cheryl was squashed on to the end of the table and was so neat - well I dont think we left her enough room to be anything else.  Sorry Cheryl.  The coloured quilt on the design wall is Cheryl's and it looks amazing.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Catch up - FNwF and Out to Dinner.

A bit slow with posting this month, but I did join in FNwF.
I worked on my last Sewing Club projects from Sew This and That.  We made a block holder using the Riley Blake laminated fabric and either wadding or the squared design wall fabric.  We have made these to take our project pieces along to our club days - they will stay in place on the felty feeling fabric.  I need to stitch down the binding and add the buttons to this one.
 The second "roll" we made is a rotary cutter holder. It is also made using the laminated fabric on the outside and clear quilters vinyl for the pockets.  I am not sure that I will use it for that purpose though.  I like to have my rotary cutters out and ready for use while at home, and would take only the cutter needed to a class.  I can see it will be handy to transport other items though.  It is finished except for the buttons needing to be sewn to hold the elastic closures.
They were not the easiest things to sew by any means, but if you dont inspect too closely they are ok. 

Thank you again, Cheryll for another great FNwF.   I will be going to check out what other stitchy friends worked on for our get together.

As to the rest of the week - Last Sunday it was great to meet up with other Brisbane bloggers to go out for dinner with Chookyblue.  She had an unexpected trip to Brisbane, and it was so good that she took the time out to join us.  We went to the Kedron Wavell Services Club, and had a wonderful time - delicious food, lots of chatting and laughter, some show and tell of our Stitch A Long items.  
Here we are just before going home.  Cheryl, Lynda, De, Chookyblue, Maria,, me and Susan.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy birthday, Carla

Today is another special day for me - no nothing to do with the start of the financial year, although that has been mentioned many a time as we have celebrated our younger daughter's birthday.  It is special as on this day I became a Mum for the 4th time, and our second  daughter was born.

Happy birthday to my gorgeous, amazing, tenacious, daughter, Carla.  I am confused as to her age.  If her big sister says she is 26 and there is 10 years between them, that makes Carla sweet 16.  Problem is she has two sons who are 7 and 6 years old.  Hmmm.  No, that just doesnt seem right.  They really will have to sort out their ages for me wont they.

She is such an awesome Mum to her boys.

I took Kai and Charlie shopping for a birthday gift for Mum.  We went to Bunnings - they are always keen to buy her tools and other household hardware.  This time they decided she needed a hose.  Not the green ones, the silver (grey) one looked good but not the right one. They chose the blue one, as "she would like a blue hose."  Then a nozzle - it had to be blue also,  to match the hose.

I think she is impressed with her hose and nozzle.

 After that they needed to go to Spotlight to buy Mum a heart - totally their idea.  We arrived at Spotlight and Charlie headed off, a boy on a mission.  He stopped at every heart he could see - in the cake decorating section - no not the right one.  In the beads section - didnt find the right one.  In the wool section he found some felt hearts, but not what he was after.  Finally he found the wooden ones that he could paint.  4 in the packet meant 2 each. He was happy with that.
They iced and decorated the birthday cake..
Looks good.  

Have a wonderful day Carla.  Enjoy using your new blue hose.

Love you heaps.