Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend workings and Aussie Hero Quilts

Coathanger completed:


Table topper progress:

last border is on.


Stitchery complete.


And then an unexpected “get it done quickly” project came up.

For some time I have been following Aussie Hero Quilts and Laundry Bags.  Well I guess I was more lurking than anything.  This group of quilters started making and sending quilts and laundry bags to our military personnel in Afganistan, particularly over there because the winters are very cold. Also it is a way of letting them know we do think of them.  Whatever our feeling about our guys being in these areas, the fact is they are because they have been sent there, and they need to know we care.  I have wanted to make some blocks, quilt tops, or something but just hadnt started anything. 

Then last week the project was extended to cover our guys and girls in Egypt.  Immediately my interest rose to a new level as that is where my Daughter in Law is at the moment.  Anyway a few emails back and forth with Jan-Maree and I was underway making my DIL’s quilt and laundry bag.  But it needs to be made and posted quickly – like this week.

So yesterday found me digging through my purples – her favourite colour and what my son asked me to make for her.


Yes, should be enough there.

By last night I had the blocks made


and the first 2 rows completed


Today I will complete the top ready for quilting.  The request is for cotton batting to be used in all the quilts so I have to wait till tomorrow to go buy some of that, because shops are closed today for Labour Day public holiday.  I have heaps of wool batting but cant use it.  There are specific size requirements, and mostly using a quick piecing design. 

I also have to make her laundry bag today.  I am hoping to have these in the mail to her either Wednesday afternoon or Thursday. 

You can read more about Aussie Hero Quilts here, and they also have a Facebook page.  Along with these quilts they are also making some called WWQ (Wounded Warrior Quilts) that are used for injured guys particularly when they are evacuated for medical attention.  The WWQs feature Aussie fabrics, flags, whatever way the maker of the quilt decides.

Now back to the quilt.


Susan said...

Marilyn, that is such a great idea - especailly if you are making it for a particular person - no need to reply - you are too busy!

Kathy said...

Oh it's finished - Looks great and I love the little verse. Hope you enjoy Annie - I saw it when I was a little girl and loved it :)

Lyn said...

All the best in finishing it this week..what a wonderful cause especially with you able to make it for a loved one.

Mistea said...

OOh those purples in the quilt look amazing - Lucky DIL to have a personal quilt.
Pretty table topper you are making.
Enjoy the sewing.

Allie said...

Such beauty on your blog today, love that little quilt and the coathangers - and oh my that is going to be one fast quilt, you have my utmost admiration!!!