Thursday, May 10, 2012

It’s a wrap




Aussie Hero quilt is finished, and ready to post to my daughter in law. It is more purple than the photo shows. 


I have also made her laundry bag.

They will be in the mail tomorrow morning, and she should receive them in 2 or 3 weeks time.

It is a special day today.  Our youngest Grandie turned 2 years old.  He will be the youngest for only a couple of months now before he becomes a big brother.

2nd birthday 1

By the look of his face he has already been partying.  And what’s more he has eaten an eye !!!  Poor Banana.


2nd birthday 2

Birthday dinner.  Spaghetti and red CORDIAL.  Harry will be arriving here for a  visit either tomorrow night or Saturday.  Cant wait.


Allie said...

Marilyn that quilt is just gorgeous - great laundry bag too, she will love these! Happy Birthday to that darling little boy, love the spaghetti face!

Joy said...

She's gonna be chuffed to bits when she sees what you've done for her. What a lovely MIL you are :o).
The birthday boy looks pretty pleased with his cake too, isn't it fabulous :o)!
Joy :o)

De said...

Marilyn its fantastic!

Fiona said...

Great quilt for a special person... she will love it.... happy birthday to the youngest (for a little while longer) grandie.... looks too cute...

Mistea said...

The quilt is gorgeous. Lucky DIL.

Cute little person enjoying party time.
Enjoy the company.

Michelle Ridgway said...

I am sure she will be thrilled. it will be like a big warm hug from home. I love your grandie's partying. He looks like he loved every minute.

Noela said...

I'm sure your DIL will love her quilt, all the more because you made it for her. What alovely label on the back. Glad your grandson had a great birthday.

Susan said...

I think the whole idea of these aussie hero quilts is fantastic and the fact that you were able to make one for a special person is even better. Have a great FNSI - I might be doing my own private sewing thing - too much fopty on TV - much happier here in my SSS