Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May FMQ challenge

I am just scraping in to link my FMQ challenge pieces for May.

May’s tutorial over at Sew Cal Gal was presented by Leah Day.  She demonstrated how to do foundational designs.  The part I found hardest to do was the foundation line, a largish stipple.  I can manage small stippling just fine but always am unhappy with my large stippling, and also have difficulty keeping it to the same size.  I tend to go smaller as I go along.  Well this time the best way to achieve it was to draw lines first.  Even though I didnt keep on the lines with my sewing it did help me keep a better size and shape.  The smaller wavy stipple lines sewn over the top of this foundation was much easier to do.  No problem with the curvy one, but some of my straight lines in the railroad track piece are somewhat crooked.  I thought I would be tempted to keep doing curvy as that is what we do more often with stippling, but no, it wasnt so difficult. 

Leah explained the tutorial well, and her DVD lessons were excellent. I think now that I have practised this design over the month that I would find it useful to use in place of “normal” stippling sometimes.   

My first curvy one doesnt show up well in the photo. 


so I have finally realised I really should do my practice pieces on homespun fabric to be able to see the quilting design better.


Onto another subject.

Five years ago, here was our gorgeous little Grandie, Charlie meeting his uncle for the first time, though I dont think he was overly interested – as long as he could sleep on.


Yesterday was his fifth birthday.


Happy birthday Charlie.  We are looking forward to your little party on Saturday.


Scottish Nanna said...

Happy 5th Birthday Charlie. From scottishnanna.hope you have A special day Big hugs to you xxxxx

Anneliese said...

Happy birthdayparty from me, too.

Janet O. said...

Your railroad tracks FMQ looks really good. You are right, the design isn't real visible on that first fabric, but I'm sure you did just as well there, too.