Monday, April 30, 2012

Free motion challenge and UFOs for April

I am almost out of time for linking up my Free Motion Challenge for April, on Sew Cal Gal..  This month the tutor is Don Linn, and he gave a very informative tutorial on creating a stencil for quilting designs.  These can be used either by machine for free motion work, or for hand quilting.  I tried it out and found it worked very well for transferring a design to the quilt.  He uses tulle for creating the stencil, and it can then be transferred to the quilt by whatever drawing means you feel comfortable with.  I used a frixon pen, but you can also use a water erasable pen.


After practising, I tried making a design stencil to use on my Bliss quilt when I get to that stage.  First I photocopied a block to get the flower shape and size.  I  traced the design on paper, then put the tulle into a hoop and traced the design onto the tulle using a fine permanent marker.  After that it was a simple matter to draw over the lines to transfer onto my fabric using the frixon pen.


I read of this method some time ago, but had never tried it until this month. I was pleased with the result, and will use this method again when I need a quilting design.  Mine is a simple design but it works equally well with a more complex design. 

I have also completed my UFOs for this month for Sew Its Finished.  I finished the other 2 cushions, so have the 3 stained glass cushions now complete and waiting to go to their new home with my daughter.


I made these blocks some years ago when I wanted to make a wall hanging for a friend.  I was trying the different methods of applique – using vliesofix to attach the flowers  and leaves (pink rose), not using vliesofix,  (gold one) and I cant think what I was trying out in the top one – maybe the colours as the wallhanging was in those colours, but with 3 flowers.

Stained glass blocks are always very effective, I guess because of the bias outline. 


Fiona said...

I haven't been doing the lessons but reading all the tips.... I am always pleased when people i know say that it works.... Your stained glass cushions are fantastic... I love the colours... two new techniques I must try one day...

Lyn said...

Thank you for the quilting tips..I hadn't seen it done that way before..your stained glass work is just lovely..

Allie said...

That is a very interesting method of transferring the design. Be careful with the Frixion pen on colored fabric though, it left a thin white line on my green fabric. Not so noticeable once it's washed, but do test your fabrics. I mainly use my frixion pen for stitcheries, on white, so it doesn't matter much.

Those stained glass cushions are just too gorgeous for words!

Wendy said...

Wow, those stained glass blocks are amazing!! Love them!

Jerry Zhang said...

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