Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The week that is ……

It is that fun time of the year again – the annual Quilt Trail in our area – where we head off on buses and visit 9 stores over 2 days.  On Saturday we went to the first 4, and next Saturday we will do another 4, with our local store, Sew This and That making up the 9th.  



Of course some parcels just had to jump into my hands at each store. Well what was a person to do but take them home and care for them.


The theme this year is “Around the world in 30 days” and these are the patterns and fabrics we were given when we gave into temptation and made a purchase of $10 or more at a store.  Now what else could we do but oblige with the required purchase.  We really couldn’t have all those goodie bags left unclaimed in the stores could we. 

Many more goodies just begged to come home with me, but fortunately our “escort” rounded us up to move on to the next source of goodies.   I think she was intent on having us spread our spending around, not being tempted to spend all at the first stop.  That was probably a very wise practice.

I do love this charm pack.  I’m thinking there’s a gorgeous lap quilt begging to be made. 


My week of celebrating:  Day 1

birthday 4

lunch with friends – Thai beef salad, followed by citrus tart with cream AND icecream  (yep, I finished it off before thinking of taking a pic of it.)


birthday 3

in beautiful surroundings

birthday 2

curious inhabitants wandering around the tables

birthday 1

special surprises.


Fiona said...

sounds like a fun couple of days.... the Around the World looks interesting..... and add fabric to yummy food.....

Anna Christina said...

Sounds like bliss. I would love to try something like that. Enjoy your goodies!

Susan said...

Hi Marilyn - I see a Wattlebee pattern in your collection and I think I know where you got that - funnily I was in Country Quilt Co on Saturday myself and bought the same pattern . . [spooky music playing] Enjoy the other half of your Quilters Trail!

Teresa said...

This sounds like sooooo much fun. What a fabulous way to spend 2 Saturdays. Lunch looks fabulous, the patterns and fabrics look intriguing... The surprises look like they should be opened!!!! ENJOY yourself xx