Thursday, May 19, 2011

A spotty surprise

I am heading out tomorrow morning - it will be a wonderful time.  More about it later.

I have been making something special - Can only show sneaky bits tonight.

There are spots,                            lace and embroidery,               a cute old button,
                      and some goodies inside.  (easy to see what this is.)
This was a lovely project to work out and make.  Hope she will like it.


BubzRugz said...

Very cleverly done..... I am looking forward to seeing it in full... I'm sure your reciever will love it...

teresa said...

hmmmm.... very clever... Can't wait to see what it is xx Have fun what ever you're up to this weekend.

Karen en Marc said...

Of course the receiver will love it, it has everything we love. Buttons, lace, dots and...hmmmm what more do you want. Have a great day.