Saturday, May 7, 2011

Quilt Trail is over - but for the Finale

With the end of April comes the end of the Quilt Trail for 2011.  As it is each year, it is a great time to go trailing with friends to visit 9 quilt stores within South East Queensland.  On spending over $10 in a store we were given a piece of the pattern plus some fabrics for the Trail Quilt Project.  This year's theme was Beach Party, and the pattern makes into a beach scene, with lots of applique and a little embroidery if that takes your fancy.

The patterns:

And below the patterns are my background fabrics and backing:
For the past 10 days I have squirreled myself away in my sewing room every spare moment to trace, press, cut and position the pieces of my beach scene.  I am making it into a row by row quilt (king single size) for one of my grandsons.  Now comes the fun part - stitching.  It is looking really good, and colourful.  We were given pieces of fossil fern fabrics in beautiful colours for the applique, to which I have added some beautiful batiks.  I will be able to show the first strip soon.

Apart from that I came home with lots of other goodies:
The fabrics on the left are for this month's club project.

Got to love the Noddy fabric !!!
Some canvas fabric from the Pure range to make a bag.

And there were more bits and pieces to add to my stash and my pattern collection - but no pics of them yet.

Quilt Muster is at Clontarf on 29th May.  Wonder if I will have the quilt made by then. 

I am hoping this little guy, Sammy will get lots of enjoyment from the quilt when it is finished. 

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Lyn said...

You have some nice fabrics there. What a great idea for the quilt trail- will be waiting to see the end result. Noddy just keeps on keeping on-it's funny how so many things we grew up with are still popular today!