Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sleepover but still making progress

It is such a privilege to be able to be part of my grandchildren's lives.  This past weekend I had 2 of them to stay for a 3 night sleepover.  These 2 are brothers - 5 and 4 years old.   They are such good little mates now, and play together happily for hours.  (But dont get me wrong, they are still lively little lads.)
The block tower is the "airport" where we dropped Mum off for her weekend away.  Just hope her plane was a little more soundly constructed..

Got to love wordworking offcuts - they provide hours of fun for all the little boys who come visiting.

The house was so quiet when they had gone home again.

I did manage to take time in my sewing room to continue with Beach Party. Here is row 2.
And the 2 rows together.  There will be a sashing between them.  I am still trying to decide what colour/fabric to use for the sashing. 

The colours are showing much better today as well.

Row 4 is almost finished, then back to row 3.


BubzRugz said...

It is so special to have time with grandies... they look like they have a ball with you.... Beach Party is coming up fantastic..

Chrissie said...

A lovely way to spend your weekend I'm sure they had a brilliant time, love your beach party