Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What a good idea

This month's project at the Sewing Club at Sew This and That was to make an ironing mat/carry bag. 
We used Thermaflec for the ironing surface, 2 layers of wool wadding , and the outer fabric.  It is a good size (around 18 inches square) for using in classes, with our mini irons. (I posted about receiving my mini iron for Christmas here.)  I used the same fabric on the outside as I used for my cutting mat/ironing board.

After classes, there is no problem with taking home a hot iron, which always seem to take too long to cool down to a comfortable temperature to carry.
Fold the mat up, do up two buttons, and it becomes a handy little carry bag.

Now I thought that idea was quite brilliant. 

I am ready to go to a class to try it out !!!


Wickedly Divine Creations said...

What a great idea. Love yours :)
I have your parcel ready to post too but I cant upload pics at the moment. Our internet is running reeeeaaally sloooow. Have to wait till later tonight and hopefully get some pics up!

Lyn said...

That set would be really useful to take to a workshop- I like the size of the little iron you have, so much lighter to use than a normal size one, and not having to wait for it all to cool down at the end- fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Love the carry all for your little iron...great idea...Warm Regards, Lyn

Dianne said...

Love this idea Marilyn. Especially that you can pop the iron in still fairly hot - makes tidying up quicker. Thanks for telling us about this themoflec stuff. Maybe I will order some from Sew This and That. Looks like a nice shop to have handy:-) Di.

suzie said...

Lovely work Marilyn. I have a friend who did that class. They look great.