Wednesday, March 9, 2011

International Womens Day

Yesterday we attended the Maleny International Womens Day Luncheon , (this year was the 100 year celebration) organised by their local patchwork store, Maleny Magic Patchwork and Quilting, so most of those attending were quilters    There was good company, interesting speakers, enjoyable food and wine, quilts to check out.

These quilts in the background were made from blocks donated in past years.  There were more of them but I dont have photos of them all.

This shows some of the quilt blocks which were handed in this year.  Such amazing variety, and with the colour theme of purple, green and white, the quilts look amazing when assembled.
The quilts are used to raise funds for Women's issues, and are shown at quilt exhibits around Australia and in other countries.

 The highlight was hearing Susan Briscoe speaking of her passion for quilting, and particularly Japanese style textiles and design. She is also such a generous person, we were able to "touch" and photograph her beautiful work, and she happily signed the books we bought. If people bought a number of her books, she would sign each one of them. 

My friend Cheryl had bought 3 or 4 books, and each one was signed for her.

The two books I bought.....

have been signed.

Words cant describe Susan's handwork.  It is so beautiful,, her sashiko work is beautiful,

 the applique is worked with such fine stitches

and her choice of colours and fabrics is amazing.

The Maleny Magic Patchwork and Quilting store is to close in midyear.   The owner of it is the main organiser of the luncheon, so she is unsure if it will continue in the local area in future years.  She has always sought out and invited such interesting speakers, and organised such a wonderful event,  that it will be sad to not continue.   But as they say, "All good things come to an end".  We will have to wait and see.



Hello. The Japanese Sashiko stitching is truly beautiful along with all the blocks and quilts. Lovely for all you ladies to get together to celebrate International Woman Day! Hugs Judy

BubzRugz said...

What a great day.... it will be a shame to loose the owner who has done so much...

Unknown said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day & a Great Collection of Quilts on show too...
Thanks for sharing

Teresa said...

What a wonderful day Marilyn. I love the quilts and especially Susan's sashiko... just gorgeous. Nice place to have it too in Maleny. It's such a shame that it's closing, I hope someone takes it up and keeps it going. Thanks for all the lovely photos xx

Dianne said...

Looks like a fun day. All the blocks look gorgeous together. How lucky you all were to have Susan talk to you and show you her beautiful Sashiko work. So sorry to hear about the Maleny patchwork shop. It would be such a shame for your district to lose it. Di.