Thursday, December 23, 2010

Another finished project

On my last trip to Bribie Island Arts Centre we made our ironing board/cutting mat folders. It was so easy to do following Cheryl's expert instructions. She has made a number of them now, a couple of this size, and some smaller ones.

People who have been quilting for some time - like 10 years, say "I had some of that fabric".  Well, I have had this left over piece sitting in my stash for about 13 years.  It seemed like the right time and right project to use it.

We could "share" one purchased ironing board cover between 2 people.  Now I am keen for classes to recommence so I can try it out.


teresa said...

What a great project to make. I have one of these and you are going to be so glad you have one now too... they are so handy. I love the fabric!

Di's Quilting and Craft said...

Oh yeah, I had some of that one too. It was when there wasn't too much around in 100% quilting cotton. This item will be really handy for classes, must look out for a pattern to make one. Well done.

Anneliese - Ali said...

Hi, Marilyn, what do you think - I own also this fabric and in several colours and I am on the other side of our planet. And Di, if you find a pattern for the ironing board, let me know. Terribly good use for these "old" pieces.
Marily, happy new year!