Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Hydrangeas - I have fond memories of sitting on the verandah of my Grandparent's house where there were two large hydrangea bushes - one on each side of the front stairs. They were mainly blue, but had some odd pinkish blooms as well, which always amazed me as a child.  I have so much always wanted to grow some of my own.  We planted some and nurtured them in a previous house, but they didnt do too well.  But I am so happy to have 3 in bloom right now.  They are the new hybrid colours, so I am not sure what will happen in the future, do they still change colour according to the soil?  I will have to wait and see.

 The pink one has been in the ground for a year, so now in its second year of flowering, and it is still the same colour.

 I guess the white will stay white.  Or will it????

  .                                               Our newest one is so beautiful.

The local nursery had so many to choose from - it was so hard to decide.

We have them planted around our outdoor area at the front of our house, facing where we can see them, rather than being visible from the street, because we want to enjoy them as we sit out there having our weekend cuppa's.

On Monday our Craft Group made another trip to the Scrapbooking Warehouse, this time to make a photo frame.  Tracy is a wonderful teacher, very patient and helpful. 

We painted, cut, measured, glued and constructed our way to finalising this triple photo frame. 

Now my dilemma is - which photos to put in it. 

Or - will I give it away as a Christmas gift?

I tried writing my name on an apps on my Iphone as a way of finishing my posts - think I need to practise more, but it is a start.

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BubzRugz said...

My grandpa used to tell me that the hydrangeas change colour because he put colouring (or ink) in the soil.... I thought that was why they were pink or blue for years......
Lovely frame..... I wonder if you will keep it??