Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cute Cousins


Harry is now old enough to start interacting with his cousins, and on his latest visit he wanted to be "one of the boys".


Kai and Charlie adore him and were keen to spend time with him.  They showed him lots of things, like how to ride the scooter, and what to do with paper aeroplanes.  Then it was inside to watch a children's dvd.  The three of them look very engrossed in it.  Must have been good !!!

I had been keeping up with Daisy Do, the free BOM from Jenny for the first three months, although this third one still needs its buttons added.  But I have fallen behind with the last two months.  Seeing the finished wall hangings shown on Jenny's blog last week has spurred me on, so hopefully I will have a finish soon.

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teresa said...

Cute photos of the boys.. makes me smile and remember when my boys were that small. Good luck catching up with Jennys BOM.. Things are starting to get a little hectic now Christmas is speeding up! Have a great weekend xx