Saturday, December 14, 2013

Happy Mail - and fun with the Grandies

Earlier this week I received some lovely mail - firstly a parcel from Kerrie for the 6 Items swap organised by Maree.
 One parcel is under the tree, and removing the wrapping from the other five revealed the most beautiful  gifts.

something to read - a cookie recipe book (Yummy)
something to eat - choc coated shortbread (also Yummy)
something that smells nice - a lavender heat pack (very useful)

 Something for the tree - look at this beautiful beaded stocking. (love it)
 Something for the sewing room - the fatquarter and buttons (bottom left in above photo) as well as these absolutely amazing pin cushion and tape measure cover.   They are so finely crocheted.  (So beautiful)

Here is what I sent to my swap partner (no blog).  I havent heard yet if she has received it - but I put my details inside the gift to be opened on Christmas Day so she wont know till then, who it is from.  I hope she will be happy with them.

More happy mail I received this week was a parcel from Sandi (Forevermoore).  Sandi had a very generous Giveaway with 4 chances to win a gift from her.  I received a lovely parcel of the book I had chosen as well as a Christmas brooch,  and a beautifully embroidered (Marg Low designed) little wallet/pouch thingy containing gorgeous buttons.
Thank you Sandi for such a generous giveaway parcel.

This week I had one of those occasions when Granny duties were in great demand.  On one night I had 4 Grandies (2 families) come for a sleepover, and on the following day they were joined by 2 more.

 I have to say I had forgotten just how much of the day revolves around food when there are 6 young ones in the house.  By the time the food was prepared, eaten and cleaning up done, it was time to start over again.

They all had a wonderful time playing together, the older two were very helpful.  What's more, the parents were amazed to see that all toys had been cleaned up and the place reasonably tidy when they came to pick up their children - again thanks to the example of Kai and Charlie which encouraged the next 2, Sammy and Harry, to help pack up.

 Henry enjoyed the attention he received.
 But was not so happy when they left him on his own.  Its not fair being the only one not mobile.
Vicki's favourite activity was to play in the dog's drinking water. She washed quite a few toys in there.
 Fortunately the dog is not too concerned - she would rather sleep.   She is too old and arthritic to want to join in their play time.

I wonder why my DH chose those particular 2 days to go  on a sudden business trip.  Do you think he had reasons other than work involved in that decision?


creations.1 said...

very pleased to read the swap parcel arrived - there is a story behind the recipe book Marilyn - I had actually bought another one for you when I spotted that one and decided to get it for myself!! I had a little helper wrapping the gifts and I didn't realise she had wrapped the wrong book - all's good though - I have returned the other one and got myself a copy of the biscuit one (only hoping my helper didn't leave the price tag on!!!). Have a great weekend.

Sandra :) said...

Look at those adorable littlies! I want to take them all toboganning, lol! So cute :) I bet it took some doing to get them all in a picture together!

Lovely swap gifts and giveaway prizes - I particularly like that beaded stocking and the teacup and saucer pincushion :D

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Beautiful gifts Kerrie......lucky you to have all the grandkids for a visit....

Janine C said...

The children look beautiful and nothing like a bucket of water, even dog's water, to keep a little one busy - it looks like fun.

Helen said...

Beautiful gifts and wonderful times with the grandies. They are just gorgeous .

Susan said...

I am sure it was just a coincidence that hubby was away???
YOu must have had your hands full with that lot.
what a lovely bunch of gifts and surprises!

Anonymous said...

what gorgeous grandies Marilyn,bet you miss them now they are back home,lol.
You recieved lots of lovely gifts,enjoy.xx

Fiona said...

oh my goodness... you are brave Marilyn... I'm not sure I would have coped with that many... but it looks a lot of fun.....
lovely gifties...

Michelle Ridgway said...

Lots of lovely gifts sent and received. Gorgeous you were weary after though lol x

Sisbabestitches said...

Wonderful gifts Marilyn! And those you sent are gorgeous as well :) A lovely couple of days with your grandies, though a nanna nap afterwards would have been well deserved, lol

Dianne said...

Beautiful little grandies you have. Glad they all got along well. Love how Vicky is playing in the dog bowl. Lilian loved to play in the watering can and would play in it for hours. We were constantly filling it up :-) Your dog looks a bit like ours who is also getting on in years and also very arthritic. She is over 13 years old.