Friday, February 1, 2013

Celebrating with the Grandies, and FNWF

A bit of wild, wet weather, a long weekend,  no power for a couple of days, throw in a birthday, and what else to do but find a restaurant that has power and is open, and  room for more customers.  Would have been good anyway but being Hubby's birthday made it even more appropriate.

Hmmm.  What will I choose?

Yum!!!  Steak for me.  Please?????

I cant decide what to have.

Our two daughters with Vicki.

Such a long wait - have to keep busy.

With so many people without power the restaurant was crowded and very busy, but they did very well, and the wait was not much more than expected on any night.  It was a delicious meal. Pa enjoyed celebrating with his girls and 4 of the Grandies (and me too).
 Better still, we arrived home to find our power had been finally restored.  

 Ooh, girls love shopping.  This looks like it is for Harry.  I wonder if there is anything for me in there?
Yay!!!  I see some girly colours there.  Thanks Mum.

Another chair bag has been made.  These things are breeding faster than those thread catchers, I think.  

I will be joining in with FNWF tonight.  Ah what to do, what to do.  Dont worry - the list is long, but which to choose?  Will I work on the stitchery for my Sew-A-Long project or will I make my Grandie Sammy's birthday gift?  Maybe even a bit of both.  There is still time to join in - just go here to sign up.  It is a lot of fun to be stitching together.


Narelle said...

Yummy steak!
Lovely photos ... sounds like a good night out :)
Yes, what will I work on tonight?

Noela said...

Glad you could still enjoy your hubby's birthday. See you tonight, better go over and sign up. Hugs....

Maria said...

looks like you still enjoyed Hubby's B/D.
Nice to join you tonight at FNwFs

Fiona said...

looks like everyone had fun for the birthday... see ya at stitching tonight...

Susan said...

lad your power is back - hard to sew without it isn't it??LOL. looks like a fun night.