Thursday, January 17, 2013

Vicki's quilt and Birthday stash

Vicki now has a quilt.  She is 6 month old already, been in her cot for probably 3 months, and now she will have a quilt in it, or to play on the floor, whatever she would like to do with it.  I started this quilt around the time she was born.  It is another finish for the Sew Its Finished blog.
I had this backing fabric in my stash.  It has little hearts on it, and matches quite well.

Such a happy girl.

As well as working on UFOs I have started stashing away some goodies into my Birthday Love Stash.  It is only a little start, but not many birthdays on the horizon - at least until March, so that gives me time to build on it.  You can go to Wendy's blog to read about her brilliant idea to help us be ready for those birthdays that seem to sneak up on us, and so we can have handmade gifts at the ready.

So far I have made the little purse from the tutorial Wendy linked to, a small diary cover, and a mug rug.
The mug rug is another finished UFO.  I made the top of it for a gift to match with a mug  but I couldnt get a  mug with green spots on it, so I started again with a different colour.  That is another project gone from my UFO container.

Now to start thinking about what to make for my next additions to the birthday love stash.

But  I will need to find a bigger stash box - if only this one was a bit bigger, it would be perfect.  (Or if I make mini sized gifts).


Michelle Ridgway said...

A sweet quilt for a sweet girl. A good start to your stash. Love the box.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous quilt and what a cute baby,you are doing well in the present department,well done Marilyn.xx

Noela said...

Your grand-daughter is very cute. Such a good idea for birthdays. I always think about doing something like that but never seem to get around to it. Hugs....

Susan said...

I'm sure Vicki doesn't realise you are late with the quilt. Gorgeous tin for your presents - but probable does need to grow a BIT.

Fiona said...

the quilt is so pretty Marilyn and you have made a good start on your birthday stash... great box

Wendy B said...

Marilyn you've done fabulously for the January birthday stash....I notice the Pure fabric for the diary cover....I've some of that I need to use up....great idea!!! I was going to make up the purse yesterday but got fixated on a thread catcher I've had as a kit 'forever' so it's going to be done later! Love the stash container....PERFECT!!! and what a gorgeous grandy.....she'll love her quilt, I bet!! xoxox
big sugary hugs
Wendy :O) xox

Tatkis said...

Absolutely charming quilt, congratulations on your finish!


Kerryn Marshall said...

Ooh I know a little girl visiting her Gran next week who's going to love that quilt! (Her mother does too, just quietly) :)

Dianne said...

Vicki's quilt is so darling, Marilyn. The backing fits in well too. Vicki certainly does look like a happy little soul. Good for you getting things finished up and especially on having those beaut items ready for gifts. Di.