Monday, September 10, 2012

Off to Sea it goes

This week I will be sending off another Aussie Hero quilt.


Jan-Maree had been asked for quilts to be made and sent to personnel serving on one of the Navy ships which is on a support mission in the Middle East.  I had started a quilt a couple of months ago, and since  the request came I have been working towards finishing it.  In between all the other family dramas and events I have found time to be rather precious, but eventually it came together a bit at a time.


The Australian Flag square was cut from a scarf I had found in a gift shop.


Tomorrow I need to finish off the laundry bag which I will send with it, as well as buy some extra treats to include in the parcel.  I am hoping the recipient will enjoy using it.

The countdown clock tells me 24 days.  And I am counting!!!


Maria said...

Love the way you have popped an Aussie flag in..
Great job...

Joy said...

What a great touch the Aussie flag is on your quilt Marilyn ... whoever receives it will love it for sure :o).
Only 24 days ... so exciting :o)!!!!
Joy ;o)

Maree: said...

Lovely touch with the flag Mardi....I'm sure it will be Very Well Loved.

Michelle Ridgway said...

How clever to use the scarf. It will be treasured I'm sure. Lovely project Marilyn, well done.

Mistea said...

Love the little Aussie Flag touch you have included in this quilt.
Lucky recipient.
Enjoy counting down.