Thursday, September 20, 2012

Just a moment while I catch my breath

Off to sea it went – the quilt and the laundry bag.  It certainly is a bright and distinctive  laundry bag, so the recipient should recognise it easily among the piles of laundry bags on the ship.


I have a new little toy to play with (aargh, that means more time can be spent using it.)


and of course it needed a cover to protect it while we are travelling.  I have made a light weight one for now and will make another when I am home again.  I started with this tutorial, but altered the way it was constructed to suit what I needed.


The front is made from left over pieces of a quilt from some years ago.  I had joined them into the rectangle shape with the intention of making a cushion cover.  I had 2 pieces of the blue cut to size to make the back, and they turned into a pocket instead. (just below the ends of the zip, though it is hard to see in the photo.) 

I also made a little mouse pad from a practice quilting piece which could have become a mug rug or something.  I guess it can be a mug and mouse pad cant it.


Yesterday I went off to Brisbane with my younger daughter to collect a very special garment.


Strain your eyes and you just may see the shape and a little detail – but that is all the sneak peek you can have until after it has been worn.  Yes, it is my older daughter’s wedding dress.

Of course such a special trip required some energy food.


The lemon meringue with ice cream was delicious.

It has been interesting helping out with organising a wedding which it to be celebrated 10 hours drive from here.  Lots of phone calls back and forth, lots of shopping, as she cant get much of what she needs where she lives.  But I think it is coming together nicely now.

We head off on Saturday morning to take out that special dress plus lots of other goodies.  We will then have one hectic week getting prepared before everyone else arrives for the wedding on the 29th. 

And 14 1/2 days till we board the plane for our trip.  Phew.


Fiona said...

,,, oh wow... i Love what you made for your laptop Marilyn ... so much to do in the next few weeks....

De said...

A wedding! Wow! You will certainly need your holiday after that! xoxo

Noela said...

How exciting. Nothing like a wedding especially your own daughter. Look forward to seeing some photos. Have a happy happy day. Your laptop cover looks good. Have a great holiday also. Hugs.....

Vicki ♥ said...

All exciting things for you Marilyn :) Love your new laptop and the cover you made is great and how exciting a wedding coming up :) Have fun :) Hugs Vicki xx

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Things are happening for your have fun with the new toy.....

Teresa said...

Getting so exciting now Marilyn. You have so much going on. Love the laptop cover by the way! Enjoy all the fun of the wedding x