Friday, July 13, 2012

Not really being slack


although it seems like it when I see the list of what I need to do and what little I have achieved.  Maybe next week will be different – or maybe not. 


My only sewing effort for the month so far has been finishing off these string blocks which was the June BOM for Aussie Hero Quilts. 

But time spent with the Grandies has been such fun and is always so precious. 

Kai enjoys watching Masterchef, and  he decided he would take on the challenge of making dessert for us.  He chose his ingredients at the shop – ice cream, strawberries, sprinkles, chocolate buttons and marshmallows.  He then made the desserts “in a glass” as he had seen on Masterchef the night before.



“Delicious !!!”


Susan said...

Great use of leftovers!

Wendy B said...

How gorgeous Marilyn......I can see why youre so proud!!!! Fab little Masterchefs! String blocks look great too....don't stress....any progress is good progress!
sugary hugs sweets
Wendy :O) xox

Lyn said...

It does look delicious..and I imagine that a programme like Junior Masterchef is getting a whole new generation interested in cooking...looks like you have had fun with the grandchildren..the sewing can always wait..

Allie said...

Great blocks Marilyn! And time spent with grandies is much more important, you are so right. How absolutely adorable he is making dessert - that looks so yummy!!!

Scottish Nanna said...

I like your Blocks they look nice and bright.The dessert looks yummy I hope they made enough to share with nannamary?.
Hugs Mary.xx