Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Brisbane Bloggers meet up

I am sure you all know that feeling of meeting old friends and it seeming like you pick up from when you last saw those friends even if it is many years ago.  That was the feeling at our Brisbane Blog meet up on Sunday.  Some of us hadn’t met in person before but noone would have realised that as the chatter, laughter and enjoyment rang out for the full 5 hours we were there. 


Michelle, Helen, Noela, Fiona, Susan and Cheryl


Susan, Cheryl, and Lynda                        Michelle, Teresa and Helen


Mary, me and De. 

That made up the merry band of 11 of us who braved the dull, overcast morning to meet up.  The weather did improve as the day wore on, but I don’t think we took too much notice.


The show and tell was amazing.  On the right is a beautiful quilt Mary has pieced.  Love the soft colours in it.


The candlewick quilt belongs to Mary also – it is a very special one which she has bought.  The hand work on it is beautiful.

  I was holding up my embroidered tablecloth when I got told to show my face, so I am peeping around it. 


We admired Susan’s Some Kind of Wonderful progress.  We laughed as she used her makeshift design wall .  And don’'t you just love those shoes.


Helen’s Earl Grey embroidered blocks are so beautiful.  She has completed a number of them but I  got photos of only 2 of them.  We did all hope to sneak them away but I think Helen was keeping a close eye on them.  Her embroidery is exquisite. 

We were all in awe of Mary’s wonderful gift to us.  She had made these little “suits” out of 2 tea towels, folded and finished off, and it had a verse attached.  They were so beautiful that there is no way we could pull them apart to use them.  I am going to find a place to hang mine in my kitchen I think.  Thank you so much Mary.


Helen received a swap gift , which she is admiring.  Cheryl won this beautiful doll, also made by Mary.  How special is that.

I didnt take as many photos as I should have.  Thank you to those of you whose photos I have “borrowed”.  And thank you Susan for arranging this meet up.  It really was a special day.


Anneliese said...

I can imagine how wonderful it was to meet. I feel I could have been with you and have so much fun with you all. It is the same when my little groups meets. Nothing but laughtwer and admiration and exchange of patterns and motivation.

Joy said...

Looks like you all had a fabulous day, I wish I could have joined you all. Clearly the soggy weather didn't dampen the smiles. All of your show and tell is fabulous - I just love your quilt Marilyn, it's stunning!!!
Joy :o)

Fiona said...

It was so wonderful to meet you and the others.... what a fantastic day...

Allie said...

Oh how fun! So many talented ladies, love that little doll!

Kathy said...

Always lovely to catch up with friends - and thank you for sharing pics of some of my blogging friend and the beautiful work they've done. How cute are those tea towel suits - no wonder you can't bare to dismantle them :)

Noela said...

Really enjoyed our blog meet. Great to catch up with you again and to meet a few new ladies as well. Those 5 hours just flew by. Till next time Hugs....

Michelle Ridgway said...

A great way to spend 5 hours Marilyn. It was so lovely to catch up and admire all the gorgeous show and tell on offer.

Susan said...

A great piccy post Marilyn. Its hard to believe it was 5 hours - and you are right - we hardly noticed the weather!! It was a lot of fun. A really lovely bunch of ladies.

Maria said...

So nice to read your post and meet the blogging ladies...

Zoya Shah said...

How memorabale these moments when meet to friends whom you love after years ago , I can imagen who much you have enjoyed form this meeting . Who lucky you are that you got the chance for getting together.
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