Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I’ve been shopping

Yes, a trip to one of my favourite areas, Paddington in Brisbane.  My daughter and I went to check out the Antique centre as well as some other stores.


Once again I came away with some little treasures.  One new section since my last visit there was a store selling buttons, 60’s and 70’s style patterns, threads, and lots of other sewing treasures.

buttons 1buttons 2

I could have spent a lot of time ( and a small amount of money) there, but unfortunately the owner of this store was having coffee with her friend, so wasnt too keen to provide service.  Hopefully next time I will visit at a more convenient time.

buttons 3

What I did buy from her were the crocheting cotton and the 2 spools.

Elsewhere in the centre I found the piece of vintage lace and the bluebird doyley.


The little glass container had a ticket on it saying it was from the 1920’s.  Not sure if it is but I liked it so it came home with me also.


These 3 doyleys came home from Tassie with me.  My collection is slowly growing – will have to decide soon what I want to do with them.

Harry’s Mum was a bit worn out so tried having a rest. She scored plenty of goodnight kisses – or was it a ploy to wake her up?  I think that was it.


But he allowed me to read him his bedtime stories that night.


They are such precious times.


Lyn said...

Some lovely treasures there...a shame about the lack of service....makes you wonder why some people go in to business...really cute photos of Harry

Michelle Ridgway said...

One of my favourite places. Lucky duck. You got lots of nice goodies. Look forward to seeing the buttons when I go next time.
Very cute grandie there.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Love your goodies...the service is a little sad..Harry is a cutie

Susan said...

Sounds like a lovely shopping trip - maybe just as well for your purse the other stall holder was "busy" (funny to not wnat to be helping customers).

De said...

Sad that the shop owner was too busy to serve you. Lovely treasures that you brought home with you and what a cutie is Harry.