Friday, December 2, 2011

Second Graduation, and maybe a squabble



Yesterday it was Kai’s Graduation ceremony – he has graduated from Prep.  Kai is Charlie’s older brother.


(“Oh Mum not another photo – Must I smile? Oh alright then.”)

not talking

In the meantime I think there has been a bit of a sibling spat in our house.  We are NOT talking to each other.

These two are the same age and came to live with us within a couple of months of each other.  They have always tolerated each other – I thought.  Now I am not so sure.


Fee said...

Congratulations to Kai !! Love the pet pic - Mine have lovers quarrells all of the time - LOL Hugs - Fee XX

Dianne said...

Love the cute photos Marilyn. Kai is going to charm the ladies later, I think.

KeyQuilter said...

all cute pics! I only have 1 grand child, a girl & she's just 8 wks yet. She's so fun. Love the dog & cat also- they probably love each other! Ours do!