Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas party and Sewing day

Friday night saw the customers dressed up and anticipating a brilliant night of fun, food and good company.  We were not to be disappointed.  The team at Sew This and That were up to their usual standard of putting on a memorable Christmas Party for the customers and members of their Sewing and Embroidery Clubs.
The tables were looking very festive.
Christmas party.
The contents of our beautiful bags were:

Colourful fat quarters, a “rose” fold up shopping bag – doesn’t it look beautiful. And some chocolates – which didn’t last very long.
The highlight of the night’s entertainment is the auction.  Throughout the last couple of months and again on the night, different activities, quizzes, etc are held and we can earn Auction Dollars.  On the night, there are many lots, donated by the shop and their suppliers, which we can bid on – at exorbitant prices.  3 of us combined our dollars and bid on one lot which contained 10 machine embroidery discs, 11 fat quarters and a basket.For this we paid $16000 auction dollars.  We then bid on, and won another lot which was a carry bag and rotary cutter – another $6000. 
My share of those goodies were

and the basket, which I haven’t photographed.
Today it was back to Sew This and That to sew bags and small cushions for breast cancer sufferers in the local hospitals.  It was such a wet day today, and some of the ladies stayed home, but those of us who were there still managed to produce a good number.  I think  we will have around 60 when all are completed.  We do this once or twice a year, and usually achieve twice this many.  It makes you realise how many people just in our local area are undergoing treatment.  Anita is busily packing all the completed bags, with cushion enclosed, into boxes.
   cancer bags cancer bags 2                            cancer bags 4                    
Just to tempt us, some cupcakes were being sold as a fundraiser for breast cancer.
cancer bags 3              
Red velvet cakes with cream and the pink ribbon emblem made out of icing.  Yum !!!


Unknown said...

Well Done on your Win sounds like a Fun Night...The Bags are a Great Idea.

Fiona said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun... we have made those bags here too but not the cushions... great job to all of you...

Allie said...

Wow - what a great idea -congrats on your win! How awesome of you all to make those things for people suffering from cancer!

Dianne said...

Firstly, I love your Christmassy header Marilyn. Looks like a lovely day you had with your stitching friends. They are so thoughtful too doing the beautiful sewing for the breast cancer sufferers. Well done.