Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What have they talked me into ?????????

I guess it is peer pressure.

I thought I  could make up my own mind about what I would like to do.

I guess I was wrong.

It didn't take too much arm twisting.

After all, they are my friends, and the people I like to hang out with to indulge in my favourite activities.

"We'll do this when we meet up on Monday.  You can do it too."

Yes, I gave in. (Eventually).

So this is what I am doing, and (sob sob) it has taken over my life !!!
It's not that I dislike knitting, its just that I enjoy quilting and embroidery more. 

It's not that I havent done much knitting in the past, I did heaps when I was younger and lived in cooler climates.

It's not that I have nothing else to fill my time, its  just that I have enough projects on the go already.

Anyway, I am working away at it.  Talk about reverse knitting.  I think I could have done twice as much if I didnt do so much reversing. 

It is one of those free patterns from the store, hanging there to encourage you to pick it up and then go buy the requirements. 

But the instructions are very sparse.  There are odd mistakes in it - not a lot but you need to keep your wits about you and work around them.

Anyway we will see in a while just how this project goes. 

I HAD been firing through some embroidery in the evenings, now that is put aside and this knitting thing has taken over.

Still, I can sit HERE and work away comfortably.  (our lounge chairs have higher armrests and it is awkward trying to knit while sitting in them, so what a good thing I now have my marshmallow cane chair.)


Anna Christina said...

I understand that feeling of getting carried away with a project that is not your first choice. Life is too short for that unless you are in the company of good friends. It looks beautiful. Good luck.

Fiona said...

WEll done... I think blogs have opened up a whole new arena for peer pressure! that wool looks simply georgeous...

Lyn said...

Love the colour-at least you have a 'support' group when you meet up with them- all the best!

Anonymous said...

Hello Marilyn, lovely wool you have selected...I feel the same as you relation to knitting...I started a scarf last Winter...hmmm it is still in the knitting bag...Warm Regards, Lyn

Vicki ♥ said...

Its funny how these things just make us do what we really dont want to do. hehehe. Its frustrating when the pattern is wrong and I hope you work it out. Just as well as you are a good knitter. I would have thrown it in the corner and not looked at it again. hugs Vicki xx