Monday, August 29, 2011

Gorgeous goodies and a finish

Our fabulous local patchwork shop, Sew This and That in Morayfield held a Super Sunday Kick Off Sale.  From now on they will be trading on Sundays, so what a great way to celebrate.  As always the girls outdid themselves in putting on a very successful event, which saw lots of bargains, many people, demonstrations and fun.

Who could resist bringing home a few goodies - certainly not me.  It was a good time to shop for some coming projects.

These will make a machine cover for my new Janome.  At our sewing club at the shop this week we are doing sashiko - using the printed fabric on the right - the design doesnt show too well here - wait till after Thursday to see it with its stitching. 

These ones are for projects later in the year, though I havent decided whether to use them for the table runner class, or for Joy's Doctor Bag class - will wait and see how the mood takes me.

Although there has been very little time for sewing in the last couple of weeks, I did manage to finish off my butterfly quilt.  It is now in use on  the daybed, making a bright and showy presence.  (though after looking at my blog, I have to say the pink in the border is not nearly as bright as it seems to be in the photo.  It does blend in much better.  May have to try an outside photo to see if it looks better.)


Allie said...

Nice finds - I'll be watching to see how you go with the sashiko! Your butterfly quilt is just gorgeous.

teresa said...

I love your butterfly quilt Marilyn. It looks so lovely and fresh... definitely a Spring-Welcoming quilt!!! Love your goodies too. I must visit that shop one day! I could visit my sister in Caboolture as well! Take care xx

Joy McD said...

The quilt is just lovely, Marilyn! I love the colors, and you are right, they never look the same on photos... but even so, it looks great :)

Joy said...

Ooh, they're all gawjus fabrics, and I love your butterfuly quilt too!!! Looking forward to seeing you soon.
Joy :o)