Friday, April 22, 2011

Starting a catch up

So, the super long weekend is here, and hopefully this is a time to relax and spend time in my sewing room.  It is having the next segment of its makeover so just at the moment it is in turmoil. 
However I will find space in there to put my Hussy back and have her purring along on some projects. 

I have been very remiss in not saying thank you to Shelley from Wickedly Divine Creations after she sent me this giveaway.
Just check out the original pattern from Shelley.  She does such a brilliant job with her designs and her embellishments on her work is amazing. 
I also received from my daughter a collection of vintage cotton reels complete with thread, to add to my small but growing collection.  Just got to love that big one, still with its wrapper on.

And the baby one is so cute.

I will be back soon to post about the Quilt Trail, but for now, these cousins had a great catch up yesterday.  The little blondie lives a distance from us but is staying locally for the next 10 days. 
They did enjoy spending the day together.

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teresa said...

Just love those old reels Marilyn.. especially that big one! Great photos of the kids. Hope you had a wonderful Easter xx