Saturday, September 11, 2010


These past few weeks have been so crazy.  I have been helping my daughter pack ready to move from near Caboolture to Moree in NSW.  That is a full on task with a 4 month old to care for as well.  However we managed to meet the deadline, and headed off to Moree on Wednesday.  Thursday  saw us constructing wardrobes from Ikea. 
We still had to add the hanging rails and the doors, however her husband is home for the weekend so hopefully he has been able to help her do that.
We also managed to reconstruct the bed before I had to head back for home.  We were very pleased that everything fitted back together.  (It is evident there is a baby living here.)

Harry was quite used to just "hanging about" while we worked.  Such a good little fellow.

It was sad to leave them , but sure is good to be home again.  It was so relaxing to sit at my sewing machine this afternoon.


BubzRugz said...

You did well and I love how she has her room - the colours are so peaceful..... little guy is SO cute....

Jude said...

Its lovely to visit and see family but there is no place like home. My DD and her familyare moving interstate next year and i will be on the travel merry go round again.