Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, Peta.

Tomorrow we are going to visit our Son, DIL and children for Peta's 3rd birthday party.  Not too far - just over an hour each way if traffic is not too heavy.  Peta is our only Granddaughter, the other 5 Grandchildren are boys. 
So today I dug out some girlie fabrics  to make her an apron, as we are giving her a little cooking set.  She loves to help Mum.  I used the pattern for the reversible apron from here.  But I substituted the straps from here.  Hopefully having the elasticated over the head strap will mean she can put it on herself, and the velcro on the waist strap will be easier and quicker to attach rather than tying the straps at the back. 

At our Machine Embroidery club this month we made tee pee bags.   They were so quick to make - even the zip was sewn in as part of the process in the hoop.  These will make great little gifts for the Early Bird Christmas Crafting over at Judith's blog
We had a choice of quilted styles for the bottom of the bag, and quilted, embroidered, appliqued or embellished tops (or all 4 together if we wanted to.)  This design is from here.  I am going to make some more of these for Christmas gifts.


Wendy said...

these little bags are gorgeous.

Wendy said...

Hiya, me again! Thanks for the advice on my blog about my little bits of thread, I'll get working on that! I'm just jealous now that my MIL doesn't have any threads for me as she doesn't sew, I think I married the wrong man!!