Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Landscapes again

Here is my landscape as it looks this morning.  I have been working on the wattle in the background (lighter colour) in the last couple of days.  I now need to get back to working on the branches in the foreground.  It is good to see it photographed, it helps with seeing how the colours work.

The other girls in the workshop have also been working on theirs, and so they have advanced since I took these photos at the end of the workshop.
This landscape is from a photo taken in New Zealand.  Just behind the foreground grass you can see 2 cows.  There are more cows to go in yet.  The trees are looking good.
The photo this is based on was taken in South Africa.  In the foreground there will be aloe flowers and grass.
This one was taken from a photo in a book - It is an area in South Australia.  The colours are beautiful.  Most of the background has been achieved with paint, and the light and shadows are amazing.  Love the way the tree is looking.  This shows how we work - lots of needles and threads of all the different colours  to be used on the area being worked on - many shades of a colour to achieve the light and shade effect.
This one is from a photo taken in Scotland.  It doesnt appear to have as much work done on it, but there is one of those long fleeced sheeep to go in the green section in the middle foreground, and the sheep has been worked separately and will be appliqued on.  The sheep took a lot of class time to work on.


Di's Quilting and Craft said...

Yours is beautiful Marilyn. It is looking so very realistic. The other ladies did wonderful backgrounds and it would be good to see them all displayed when they are completed.

teresa said...

OMG Marilyn, yours is AMAZING.. You have done such wonderful work and it looks fantastic. Thanks for showing the other ladies works as well, and please tell them how absolutely wonderful they are too. Would love to see them ALL when they're finished. So clever xx

Judith Tetley said...

Gosh Marilyn your work is looking fabulous! It has been very interesting to see this evolve and so original! Got a couple of questions; what type of paints are you using to build up you dyed fabrics and; when you sewed your dyed fabrics onto the backing in the beginning did you do the "sew and flip" method to create the landscape?
Kind Regards

Nuestras meriendas y manualidades said...

Hola he visitado su blog y me han gustado mucho sus trabajos
Saludos desde La Linea Mayte

ale balanzario said...

wow, these are fantastic works, they look so realistic.