Monday, August 23, 2010

Computer woes

Isn't it a pain when your new computer has problems.  All was well the previous weekend.  We went away for a week, and now we are back it is refusing to open any programs, documents, just no action at all.  It is right now heading off to the store to diagnose the problem.

We had a good and successful time at Agquip in Gunnedah last week.   The weather held well for us until the last afternoon when we had light rain, making our packup time rather interesting.  Lots of drying out and washing off of mud to do when we got home.  But all is nearly back to normal.  There are now lots of contacts to be followed up on in the next few weeks, so business wise it should be very busy.

I so wanted to visit the store at Nundle, but just couldnt fit it in to the schedule. 

Now we are back home it is time to make a rush effort for this month's Early Bird Christmas Crafting over at Judith's blog.  I have planned some gifts to make this month but so far havent achieved too much. 

On our way to Gunnedah my daughter and I  made a stop at the town I grew up in.  I took a couple of photos of the view I would have seen from the front of "our" house - it doesnt seem any different from when I lived there, and I have been gone from there for 40 years.  We also went by the old house, and it felt as if we could just walk in and it would be just the same.  The outside was the same apart from a few minor changes in the garden.  The old sheds which were whiteant eaten 25 or more years ago are still standing - amazing.


BubzRugz said...

Hi there - good to meet you... I love your landscape embroidery and how it is taking shape. What fun to go back to your old home and wake up some of those memories... Hugz

Jude said...

I hate it when my computer [plays up so sympathy over yours and glad you had a lovely trip and could see your old home, my family home was torn down weeks after having been sold to raise the finances to pay for Dads nursing home it was a great pity.