Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lesson 1 of Embroidered Landscape

Well the first lesson was a lot of fun, a little frustration, and loads achieved. Already starting to look the real deal before any of the embroidery is done.

.First step was building up the background using the dyed fabrics.

I really like how the sky has the soft clouds.  And the rocks at the bottom look really good with the texture from the salt.  (though it doesnt show in the photo here.)

Then it was time to add some detail. Firstly painting light and shade, ridges, valleys into the pyramids, followed by adding the texture.  For this we used painted vliesofix, pulled it off the backing paper in small pieces and arranged it over the area, covered it with a piece of baking paper, and pressed into place.  The baking paper is carefully pulled off after it has cooled down.  At times we were impatient and tried to remove it too quickly, which made the vliesofix come away also.
We were a bit skeptical about this process, but it does work.

I have now marked in where the trunks, and main branches of the trees are, and have plotted the position of the wattle.  Next is to start embroidering french knots - I figure there will be thousands of them to come, along with couching and some other embroidery stitches. 

Second lesson is on Friday - looking forward to it.

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Di's Quilting and Craft said...

The background is looking super, can't wait to see the embroidery. This sounds like a really fun workshop! Might have to see if we can get her to Toowoomba.