Thursday, June 17, 2010

USB (Flash Drive) holder

Today at our Embroidery club we made our USB holder.  The outside was embellished with braids, lace, etc. then we put a piece of fused angelina fibre over to give it the sparkle.  (makes for difficult photographs).  The rest of the USB holder was then made - all in the hoop.  It is a Moose B stitchin pattern. 

I dont have 10 USB sticks to put in it, but I do have 2 for my sewing machine and 1 general one.  Still plenty of spaces to fill  !!!!  Think maybe this one should go into the Early Bird Christmas Crafting gifts, and I will make myself the smaller size - holds 6.


teresa said...

What a terrific idea and yours is so beautiful.

teresa said...

Hi Marilynd.. I am having trouble replying to your comments as you appear as a 'no reply' blogger. Go to your dashboard, click on Edit Profile, tick 'show my email address', then click Save Profile. Hope this helps.
I just love the beautiful embroidery you do .. You put me to shame!!!

Marcia said...

This is a brilliant idea! I've been checking out other Early Bird Blogs and your gifties are amongst the best I've seen so far. Very nice!