Monday, November 18, 2013

Secret Santa time

It is so lovely to make bloggy friends, and the people in this group - Stitchers Inc in Brisbane - are very special friends.  So it was great to meet up again yesterday, after not being able to meet for a while. (room unavailability).
We had a lovely afternoon - such yummy food, lots of chatting and catching up, a teeny tiny bit of stitching, and our Secret Santa swap, which was amazing.  What a wonderfully talented bunch we are.  :o)

I was thrilled to be able to make for Maria.   I searched through her blog rather thoroughly.  I discovered that she loves purple (well I did already know that).  I also found that her Christmas decorations appeared to be in traditional reds and greens.  Yes, Maria I did look that far back.

So to satisfy both those facts, this is what I made for her -
 a celtic table runner in Christmas fabrics.  I love making this pattern, as it always turns out so pretty.
 And a needle book in purples.(above is the front, and below is the inside of it.  The heart is in a mauve coloured doctors flannel)
 Here is Maria holding her gifts.

The "M" on the front of the needlebook is from Michelle's Stitchers Alphabet pattern - one of my favourites for stitchery gifts, and one I will use over and over again.  Debbie also used the "M" for her person, so we had to compare them.
Very different colours, but both looked good.

I was thrilled to receive a gift from Cheryl.  She gave me a gorgeous market bag in some of her favourite fabrics, which was so lovely.  Arent they cute - love those chookies and their eggs.  The lining is black with apples on it.
 This lovely plum pudding decoration is made in felt.
 And I love this most beautiful embroidered handkerchief with crocheted edging.

Oops, we do look like such a messy lot dont we?  But we had all that tidied away in minutes once it was time to leave.
I will be waiting to catch up with you all in February, in our exciting new venue.  (Thanks to Maree for finding and organising it for us).  In the meantime, I will catch you online.


Stitching Lady said...

Marilyn, you must have had fun - especially with the secret Santa swap. We did this long time ago. With the gymnastic ladies. Fun!

Helen said...

I love your Celtic knot Marilyn and all the lovely gifts you made and received. Nice to see you all had such a great time !!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Totally amazing gifts made and received...looks like the perfect day..

Fiona said...

What fun to see you all amongst that messy table... and lovely runner you made and gorgeous gifties you got... such a group of talented and lovely ladies....

Unknown said...

A lovely capture of our Great Day
Thank You for being part of our a Group Mardi xx

debbie said...

Love your photos, Marilyn. You showed a nice summary of our very fun day. xx debbie

Susan said...

Great shots of everyone - and the gifts of course..
Fun times, looking forward to next year.

Maria said...

I loved reading about how you checked back through old posts to see what Christmassy colours I as well as being a clever stitcher, you have great detective and research skills too! Hugs to you again!!