Friday, August 16, 2013

Which project.......?

YAY !!!  It's THAT Friday night.  Time for
Head over to Wendy's blog here to sign up and then join the fun of stitching with friends.  While there you can check out the yummy recipe.  It looks quick and easy to make, and would be just perfect to give you lots of sugary energy for your Friday night.

What of the many things under way should I work on tonight?

It could be this quilt which I have been working on this week,

 or this table runner which is under the machine and being quilted today,

 or this collage bag.  I have all I need apart from the handles which are still in transit,

or it could be my Stitch A Long project for August.  Embroideries are done, so it is now assembly time.

Then again, I may trace off the latest stitchery from Bronwyn Hayes GOSC, or the next Butterfly Garden block or .... or ..... or .............  The list could go on.

Which ever I decide on, I am looking forward to sharing the stitching time with lots of gorgeous friends (and no chocolate aero mint slice because I dont have the ingredients).  


Susan said...

its hard to decide isn't it Marilyn?? I have a similar dilemma . I just popped down the shop for the ingredients for Wendy's slice - might just make a half lot though!
Looking forward to your company.

Wendy B said...

nom nom nom nom, slobber slobber slobber...........why don't you do all of them Marilyn.....*burp* !!!! Slice was yummy....none left now!!! hee hee
xox sugary hugs
ps.....see you tonight at FNSI <3

Fiona said...

oh my ... some gorgeous projects ... it must be so hard to decide which one to play with first!!


Maria said...

All those projects are beautiful, Marilyn...I wonder what you ended up doing tonight...:-)

Sharmayne said...

Looks like you had plenty to choose from, whatever it was I have no doubt you enjoyed your FNSI.
Hugs Sharm