Friday, March 1, 2013

It is sneaking up on us - FNWF

It is past that time again - time to reveal the goodies to be added to my birthday love stash box.
 Not much to see.  Apart from the top one it can be only little sneaky peeks.  All those bits under the pink circular coin purse are what I have worked on in February, there are a few things there,  but most wont be in the box for long - they will be off sending a bit of love to the various recipients.
But I can show the cards I made in February.  .

  Tonight I will be joining along with lots of friends at  Friday Night with Friends.  I havent decided yet which of the many projects I will work on tonight.
This camping is a hard life isnt it.  4 of my gorgeous Grandies.


EclectChic said...

Very sneaky peaks indeed... very secretive! Love that pic of the kids, all chilling...

Sisbabestitches said...

Looking forward to seeing your pressies in their full glory :) Your cards look lovely!