Thursday, February 16, 2012

Has it really been that long???

Aah, just look at these baby faces.

wedding 1

  Yes, that’s  my hubby and I, 40 years ago on Sunday.  Who could believe it has been 40 years already.


Are we really old enough to have been married that long – yes it looks like we are.


wedding 2

Here’s another  trip back in time – my lovely, lovely family.  Miss you so much Mum and Dad. 


wedding 5

And my younger sister who was my bridesmaid.  (The colours have faded so much that I wasn’t able to adjust them back to how they used to be).

This weekend we are heading back to where it all started – the town where we were married.


But our reason for going there is not to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

This week my Aunt and Uncle are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary, and we are joining them on Saturday lunch time for a time of celebration and thanksgiving.


wedding 6

I am so looking forward to meeting up with people I havent seen for many years.  It will be good.

But we ARE going to celebrate our own anniversary with my sister and her partner on Saturday night – we are going out for dinner.  We will then be away for another couple of days – it is also a working holiday.


Fiona said...

Happy Anniversary.... I would have recognised you.... wonderful and a real time to celebrate...

Noela said...

Happy Anniversary. Have a wonderful dinner on Saturday night. Hugs....

Joy said...

Happy anniversary Marilyn, congratulations to you and your hubby :o). Love your wedding pics!!
Joy :o)
PS ... Are you counting the sleeps yet???!!!

Susan said...

Congratulations - 40 years - wow! Enjoy your trip down memory lane!

Anna Christina said...

Thank you for sharing these great photos. How lucky you are to have found someone to love for 40 years. Congratulations and enjoy many more!

Maree: said...

Happy Anniversary You Deserve a Lovely Dinner.

Lyn said...

Hope you had wonderful celebrations for yours and your Aunt and Uncles anniversaries...the years do slip by don't they...but it's good to take the trip down memory lane...

Joy McD said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! Hope you have a lovely time!!! xxx