Thursday, November 10, 2011

So organised......

A couple of years ago at Sewing Club at Sew This and That we used some of the 1 inch grid iron on base (I dont know what it is called).  To make it up required what seemed like hundreds of 1 inch squares.  It was good for using up the little pieces of Christmas fabrics lurking in my scrap drawer.

These little squares finish up at 1/2 inch.  At least using the base made the stitching much more accurate.

 I have now finished the project I decided to make using the piece.

The class project was a Christmas stocking.  I decided that was too much cutting and sewing - after all I couldn't make just one when I have 6 grandchildren could I?  So mine became a Christmas card compendium.

Now there will be no excuse for lost addresses, no stamps, which card to choose.  It is all in one place.

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Fiona said...

so clever.. with such tiny squares to get the points to meet so well... love the card compendium